Many vacation rental owners, experienced or otherwise, are starting to take control over (and more importantly, take a real interest in) their marketing operations. But it can be difficult to know who or what sites to trust and where to look for help.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the most influential names in the vacation rental marketing sphere right now. So whether you’re starting out from zero, or you’re a seasoned expert when it comes to vacation rental marketing, we’re sure you’ll love to follow their websites for tips, tricks and hacks you may not have otherwise known about.


The industry is continuously growing, so this list is by no means exhaustive. If you feel we’ve missed someone that deserves to be included, leave a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to add them in. We’ve ordered our vacation rental marketing experts alphabetically (by first name) for ease of navigation – enjoy!

Let’s get started:

Andrew McConnell

vacation_rental_industry_andrew_mcconnell | @MAMcConnell

If you’ve heard of, you’ll probably know that Andrew McConnell is the man behind the site. With years of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world, McConnell is now using his expertise to ensure the sharing economy operates more smoothly and efficiently. helps maximize income for VR owners by marketing their properties the right way.

Read: Rented’s Ultimate Guide, a one-stop resource for everything VR.

Andy McNulty


Andy McNulty is the co-founder of both Touch Stay and Guest Hook. McNulty is truly passionate about the VR industry and believes its greatest asset is the personal, one-to-one approaches of owners and managers in their marketing, and both his sites can help them to achieve this.

ReadThe Guest Welcome Book as a Vacation Rental Booking Conversion Tool to find out why guest welcome books can be crucial for your VR.

Alan Egan

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_alan_egan | @rentmoreweeks

Alan Egan is the guy behind the renowned Rent More Weeks website and the more recent project, Bookings Plus 4G (what he describes as “The Bookings University”). With more than a decade of experience managing his own vacation rentals in the Algarve, it’s no wonder the Rent More Weeks vacation rental marketing guides are some of the best on the market.

Read: Vacation Rental Marketing – Social Media – What’s The Point? for Egan’s insights into the world of social media.

Alanna Schroeder

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_alanna_schroeder | @TDistinguishedG

Using her background as an asset manager for a real estate company, Alanna Schroeder created her business to make life easier for vacation rental owners. The Distinguished Guest is so much more than just a place for Schroeder to share her insights on where to find high quality linens on a budget, it is also a place to read her own stories and advice about managing and marketing a vacation rental home.

Read: Every Vacation Rental Owners Worst Nightmare: I Booked 2 Guests For The Same Week: Double Booking Damage Control and get a good channel manager to make sure you don’t do the same!

Amy Hinote

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_amy_hinote |

Amy Hinote is the founder and editor of VRM Intel. Hinote’s professional background lies in finance and marketing and as well as that, she boasts 10 years’ experience in the vacation rental industry. On VRM Intel, Hinote provides insider information and news about the growing vacation rental market.

Read: 5 Ways to Leverage Service Fees to Drive Direct Bookings for Vacation Rentals for Hinote’s top tips.

Antonio Bortolotti

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_antonio_bortolotti | @VRWorldSummit

Having been in the tourism sector for over 20 years, host of Vacation Rental World Summit Antonio Bortolotti has hands-on experience developed as a successful VR owner, and he openly shares his expertise on the website Vacation Rentals Secrets. It’s safe to say Bortolotti’s shining testimonials speak for themselves! Catch him at the Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona in October, along with Lodgify’s Naveen Sharma and Dennis Klett.

Read: Or rather, watch and then read Antonio Bortolotti’s piece titled Take You To Full Occupancy in 2016 to hear how he got the ball rolling with 2016’s targets before it even began.

Ben Edwards


Ben Edwards is the current president of the Vacation Rental Managers Association, a professional trade association of the vacation rental property management and hospitality industries. Edwards’ experience and strong industry relationships, as well as a deep understanding of the complex nature of the vacation rental marketplace, mean he’s a key player in the VR marketing world.

Read: This interview with Edwards, posted on VRMA’s 30th anniversary.

Beth Carson


A real estate investor, landlord of 16 vacation rental properties and having written two books on vacation rentals, it’s no surprise that VRFusion’s Beth Carson knows about marketing these homes. She’s also extremely passionate about providing excellent customer service, and helping other vacation rental owners to make their home as profitable as possible.

Conrad O’Connell


BuildUp Bookings | @conradoconnell

A digital marketing consultant working in the accommodations and hospitality sector, Conrad O’Connell (alias 91Digital) specializes in helping vacation rental and B&B owners to grow their businesses online. O’Connell’s blog covers everything digital/online marketing, and is a must-read for vacation rental owners looking to up their strategies.

ReadHow To Use Guest Personas In Your Vacation Rental Marketing for some interesting insights on why it’s so important to know who your guests are.

Damian Sheridan

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_damian_sheridan | @damiansheridan9

Not only can NeedMoreRentals’ Damian Sheridan help owners optimize their vacation rentals for search engines like Google with his SEO skills, but he can also provide them with marketing advice and strategies for reaching more guests and converting inquiries into bookings.

Read: Sheridan doesn’t hate to be the bearer of bad news with this piece, Top 10 Reasons Why Travellers Won’t Book With You.

Heather Bayer

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_heather_bayer | @cottageguru

Known today for the site, Cottage Blogger, Heather Bayer started her website after realizing that while her bestselling book (Renting For Profit) was still relevant, it didn’t cover all the methods and new ideas that were springing up around vacation rental marketing. Today, Bayer’s hugely successful blog is packed full of articles, downloads and checklists.

Read: The 10 Habits of Remarkable and Successful Vacation Rental Owners to see if you’re doing it right, according to Bayer!

Louise Brace

vacation-rental-marketing-experts-louise-brace | @louise_brace

Louise Brace has been on the Rental Tonic team since 2015. Former editor of the Spain-Holiday homeowner’s blog, RentalBuzz, Brace knows a lot about that market specifically. As a vacation rental and destination marketing expert, Louise Brace provides Rental Tonic’s clients with advice on successful VR marketing tactics. Her view is that vacations should be about the whole experience, not just the rental.

Read: Convert More Holiday Rental Bookings with Floor Plans and Virtual Tours for some of Brace’s marketing insights.

Matt Landau

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_matt_landau | @bookmorenights

Matt Landau is a vacation rental marketing specialist, and like many of his peers listed here, has real-life industry experience to back up what he posts on his site, Vacation Rental Marketing Blog. Landau’s site provides free advice and articles which are bursting full of useful, practical information and insights for VR managers and owners alike.

Read: By 2020, Vacation Rentals Will Topple The Hotel Industry to see what reasons Landau gives for the probable decline of hotels in the not-so-distant future.

Mercedes Brennan

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_mercedes_brennan | @1ChicRetreat

The founder of 1 Chic Retreat, Mercedes Brennan, certainly knows her stuff when it comes to vacation rental interior design and how to make properties really stand out from the crowd in a saturated market. As well as featuring powerful, successful design tips and tricks, Brennan uses real-life vacation rentals as her examples. Who knows, she might even feature your home one day!

Read: Oops! You Lost Me at the Pink Bedspread (Or The Anatomy of a Dead Booking) to find out why Brennan believes something as “minor” as bedding can make or break a booking.

Thibault Masson

vacation_rental_marketing_experts_-_thibault_masson_2 | @TiboStBartsBali

The brains behind RentalPreneurs, Thibault Masson originally started the site to keep track of his own market research and vacation rental experiments. Masson now uses RentalPreneurs to share his VR marketing strategies, host explanatory webinars and to help his readers achieve their marketing goals.

Read: Niche Vacation Rental Listing Sites: More Bookings, More Independence for Masson’s tips on why you should move away from the big listings sites.

Vanessa de Souza Lage

vacation_rental_industry_vanessa_de_souza_lage |

With extensive marketing expertise across the travel and fashion sectors, Vanessa de Souza Lage is now CMO at Rentals United, a rapidly growing distribution platform for vacation rentals. De Souza Lage regularly contributes to the Rentals United blog, and her posts about vacation rental marketing are straightforward, to the point and with realistic, down-to-earth tips and advice.

Read: Vacation Rental Videos: What Works and What Doesn’t! to see if you’re doing it right (or extremely wrong)!

So there you have it, our list of the top vacation rental marketing experts of the moment!

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