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There is no doubt that mobile browsing and buying is on the rise. As a vacation rental owner, optimizing your website for mobile devices is now more important than ever before for growing your business. We explore the factors driving this increasing trend and just what it means for your vacation rental.

According to a recent report from Criteo, 27% of all travel bookings in the first quarter of 2016 – including airfare, hotels, and, yes, vacation rentals – were made on mobiles. Additionally, in March 2016, mobile devices accounted for 60% of last-minute bookings made in the U.S.

Get your vacation rental website noticed by Google

All of this brings us to one conclusion: mobile friendliness just got even more critical for business owners. Back in 2015, Google announced that it was modifying its mobile search algorithm to only display listings that could easily be viewed on mobile devices.

But compliance is not just about tweaking your layout or fonts.

Google’s mobile web standards now disqualify sites with slow load times, incorrect formatting, blocked Javascript and CSS files, and outdated Flash animations. Any of these issues could sabotage your listing from showing up in Google’s mobile search results and cause you to miss out on a potential booking.

The bottom line?

Being mobile-friendly is no longer a choice for vacation rental owners. The statistics have spoken and, like it or not, it’s an absolute must. Unless you want to risk your vacation rental site being buried in Google’s mobile search results, you need to make sure your site is optimized.

mobile-optimization-villa-collectionsExample of a mobile-friendly website built with Lodgify

Tried and tested website templates

This is why all of Lodgify’s website templates are 100% mobile-friendly and already optimized for Google’s stringent design criteria. With Lodgify’s responsive web design – which instantly adapts to the user’s device – mobile users can easily view photos, check availability booking dates, and securely book their vacation all with a few swipes of their fingers.

So, what does that mean for you?

That there’s no need to update your site, and you’ll never have to worry about accommodating every new smartphone, tablet, or mobile device on the market. When it comes to mobile optimization, Lodgify already has you covered.

You can focus on running your vacation rental (from your phone or your office)! Enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your site looks just as stunning on your guests’ mobile phones as it does on their computer screens.

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Why Mobile Optimization Matters For Your Vacation Rental Website
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