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Top 10 Vacation Rental Organizations to Join Today

Along with the rapid growth of the vacation rental industry comes the need for organizations that support and represent it. These organizations focus on constantly improving the legal development of vacation rentals by lobbying for the lodging market and influencing the law-makers that shape this sector. 

Furthermore, as a vacation rental owner, organizations provide useful tools to face challenges and information on relevant topics in the industry. 

To help you get started, we’ve prepared the top 10 vacation rental organizations that you should consider joining today! 

VRM Intel

VRM Intel, founded by Amy Hinote in 2012, is an organization that focuses on helping vacation rental owners succeed by offering resources such as industry-related news, events, magazines, and educational videos. Their mission is to increase awareness and offer relevant news so that those in the vacation rental business can continue to grow and prosper. Furthermore, VRM Intel hopes to create a community of like-minded professionals that share information with one another and support the industry as a whole. 


VRMA, a leader in the vacation rental industry also known as the Vacation Rental Management Association, was founded in 1985 in California. This organization strives to offer the best education, professional development, and networking opportunities so that vacation rental professionals can elevate their businesses. VRMA is also known for tirelessly advocating for the industry and the challenges that it faces.

Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals

Now part of VRMA, VRHP is a non-profit organization that focuses specifically on housekeeping professionals and how they can improve the guest experience. As a member, you can get access to certification programs, webinars, news, supplier discounts, marketing materials, and even more exclusive benefits from being part of VRMA. 

Vacation Rental World Summit

Back in 2014, when the demand for information on vacation rentals began to increase, Vacation Rental World Summit was founded with the intention of helping owners navigate their businesses. This organization now hosts online and in-person educational events based on the vacation rental industry by gathering experts and professionals from around the world to share their knowledge. VRWS offers a multitude of interactive events such as presentations, workshops, competitions, and panel discussions to provide business opportunities to those in the industry.

WASCO – The Wales Association of Self Catering Operators

WASCO is an organization in Wales run by holiday cottage owners that are dedicated to representing the industry, collaborating with the Welsh Assembly Government and other partner organizations, and promoting Wales as a destination for tourists. Representing over 2500 businesses, WASCO works towards developing and improving the self-catering tourism sector by means of thorough research. This organization strives to influence law-making decisions that shape the vacation rental industry in the UK. 

Furthermore, WASCO keeps its members in the loop with annual meetings, newsletters, visitor statistics, and informative articles on industry trends.

HHA – Holiday Home Association

Formerly known as the English Association of Self Catering Operators, the HHA is a trade association that works towards representing all kinds of vacation rental businesses. Whether it has to do with taxes, regulations, or guidance, the HHA is devoted to representing the interests of the industry in England. This organization offers a helpline, resources, a dispute resolution service, and a community of supportive professionals. 

ASSC – The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers

The ASSC is another leading organization worth mentioning for its dedication to the vacation rental industry. Founded in 1978, this non-profit now has 650 members with over 7000 properties around Scotland and encourages them to all follow the principles of “quality, comfort, courtesy, integrity, and efficiency” in order to evolve as a whole. 

Closely linked with the European Holiday Homes Association and the Scottish Tourism Alliance Council, the ASSC works with local authorities and the government to provide endless opportunities for professionals in the self-catering industry. An example of their efforts is EmbraceScotland, a marketing initiative created and promoted by the ASSC. 

STAA – The UK Short Term Accommodation Association

Founded in 2017 to tackle challenges and enhance opportunities, the STAA hopes to promote the industry, provide a safety net for vacation rental professionals, engage with other associations around the world, and work with the national and local governments to address policy changes. That said, this organization not only offers a plethora of useful information, but it also aims to work with stakeholders in order to ensure a stable future for the short-term rental industry in the UK. 

BBA – Bed and Breakfast Association

While a bit more niche but equally as important, BBA is an organization in the UK that represents B&Bs and guest houses. Created to give owners a collective body to rely on, the BBA membership now provides a panel of experts for guidance, events, online resources, special discounts, seminars, and other tools. 

SBBA – Scottish Bed and Breakfast Association

Affiliated with BBA, the SBBA does the same work campaigning for B&Bs and guest houses in Scotland.

Join an Organization Today!

There you have it – our top 10 vacation rental organizations! These organizations work vigorously to create a successful and sustainable future for the vacation rental industry, all while providing personal help to their members. Whether you’re looking for specific answers or simply want to learn more about the vacation rental sector, joining an organization can help boost the industry and take your business to the next level. You’ll quickly realize that there are entire communities of professionals that are eager and willing to help each other out.

Have any other vacation rental organizations in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The Association for Short-Term Rental HomeOwners (ASTRHO) is a fantastic vacation rental industry nonprofit association focused on providing education, resources, advocacy and a community for short-term rental homeowners. Property managers are welcome to join, however our content and resources are directed entirely at supporting the rental-by-owner host.

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