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15 Social Media Stars Inspiring Vacation Rental Hosts in 2023

It’s essential to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and insights when trying to expand and grow your vacation rental business. One of the best ways to do this is to follow the top short-term rental influencers on social media. There is a variety of successful Airbnb influencers that share all kinds of content related to managing a short-term rental property.

Whether you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on decorating or short-term rental investment tips, many inspiring people are doing great things on every social media channel in the vacation rental industry. 

We researched the vacation rental social media channels to find some of the hottest influencers you should follow right now. Of course, these are just some of our personal favorites, and there are many more. Check out our list of the best short-term rental influencers below.

For Airbnb hosting, co-hosting and side-hustle tips

@Laurenpiller_ on TikTok


Followers: 131.2K

Former nurse turned vacation rental host Lauren Piller from Texas is a trailblazer for vacation rentals on TikTok with quirky, useful videos aimed at helping hosts solve problems. She also displays useful short texts on her videos to drive the message home. She also runs a Facebook group for Airbnb hosts 

Why we ❤️ Lauren:

We are just so in awe of Lauren. She makes it look sooo easy to build a following on TikTok, and her tips are great!

@Melefante6 on TikTok


Followers: 918.3K

Now a highly successful short-term rental investor and Airbnb influencer on TikTok and Instagram, Michael Elefante and his wife, Jill, bought their first vacation rental in November 2019 after moving to Nashville. Just over three years later, Michael and Jill own and manage six Airbnb properties that bring in up to $118,000 a month.

Michael also runs an online vacation rental coaching business where he aims to help others reach financial freedom through short-term rental investing.

Why we ❤️ Michael:

Michael’s videos are educational yet fun and are packed with top tips and advice for investors!



Followers: 24K

Tony and Sara Robinson are short-term rental experts who share their experience of vacation rental investing while offering tons of tips and inspiration. The husband and wife duo have a huge following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and also run the annual STR Summit, where attending hosts can learn industry insights and how to run a successful short-term rental business.

Why we ❤️ Tony and Sara:

Not only do these guys post invaluable investment advice, but they also share wholesome family content and show us how they create the ideal work-life balance!



Followers: 132.6K

In just a few years, Zoey went from being a college student making $250 per month to having over 10 income streams, including a thriving Airbnb business that brings her financial freedom. Through TikTok, Zoey posts all kinds of short-term rental advice, from how to manage your rental remotely to discussing the latest Airbnb updates. Her success in vacation rental investment is inspiring, and this account is a must-follow for further motivation to scale your business.

Why we ❤️ Zoey:

As well as providing expert advice, we love seeing the behind-the-scenes of managing a short-term rental and how her ideas develop into reality!

@Madiandskyler on TikTok


Followers: 58.8K

Madi and Skyler are a super cool Airbnb host couple in San Diego and Big Bay, California, who promise to help you achieve financial freedom through Airbnb. They alternate between funny videos and more serious chats on anything to do with hosting, social media marketing etc.

They also offer Airbnb coaching courses.

Why we ❤️ Madiandskyler:

These two have a great sense of humor and play off each other, but also offer some seriously good advice for hosts.



Followers: 38.7K

Before adding ‘Airbnb influencer’ to his highly impressive resume, Derek Cheung began investing in vacation rentals in 2019 when he discovered rental arbitrage — leasing apartments to sublet as short-term rentals. By 24 years of age, he was making $5 million a year through his Airbnb business and now manages over 50 properties across the U.S. 

Derek’s TikiTok provides plenty of inspiration and motivation for vacation rental investing, along with various useful short-term rental hacks.

Why we ❤️ Derek:

Derek’s experience in Airbnb arbitrage makes his insights unique, so well worth a follow for a different approach to short-term rental investment.

For trendy decor and interior design Tips

@Mamma.mode on Instagram


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by MammaMode | Airbnb Blog (@mamma.mode)

Followers: 14.8k

Andrea is an online educator, designer & Airbnb Superhost who loves to teach new hosts how to confidently and powerfully start their STR and create the business of their dreams. 

She runs a top Airbnb lifestyle blog, and as an Airbnb ambassador, she offers free advice for new Airbnb hosts.

Why we ❤️ Andrea:

Her clean, stunning decor is to die for.  Her creative tips for hosts who want to offer something extra and stand out from the crowd are inspiring and easy to follow.

@apartmenttherapy on Instagram


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Apartment Therapy (@apartmenttherapy)

Followers: 3.3m

Apartment Therapy is a leading independent home site helping readers to create happier and healthier homes. Although they’re not strictly aimed at vacation rental hosts, their real-life decor tips, cleaning and organizing, and real estate advice are a real inspiration for hosts.  Followers also share their home photos with the hashtag #apartmenttherapy

Why we ❤️ this gang:

They cater to all budgets and the authenticity of real-life homes and decorating tips. It makes us feel like style is within our reach!

For inspiration from a 21-year-old



Followers: 57k

She may only be 21, but Emily Askin from Los Angeles can teach us all a thing or two about being an entrepreneur. A social media manager, influencer and model, she is also an Airbnb Superhost who shares her tips in trendy and inspiring videos.

Why we ❤️ Emily:

We love her energy and gutsiness. She is definitely one to watch!

For unique and sublime guest experiences

@thecohostcompany on Instagram

Followers: 12.3k

This account features amazingly different Airbnb properties managed by rentalpreneur Brad Klopman. As founder of the Cohost Company, he partners with homeowners and cash-flow investors to manage and market properties around Joshua Tree, Pioneertown and Yucca Valley. The properties, which are marketed through social media, have been featured on NetFlix, in the New York Times and in Condé Nast, among others, and they are pure eye candy. 

What we ❤️ about Brad and his team:

The breathtakingly beautiful photography and the dream factor.

For cool things to sell to your guests during their stay

@thehostcompany on Instagram

Followers: 15k

Here you’ll find great ideas for creating a shoppable stay for your guests, from a pre-stocked pantry to the art on the walls – by creating your own digital store. For example, you can stock and sell pre-order fresh flowers or a mid-stay clean, as well as in-home products such as snacks or souvenirs.  

What we ❤️ about this lot:

They share stories on Instagram from real hosts (their clients) about how they display the products in their homes. Their blog content has great tips for hosts too!

For vacation rental industry news

@themattlandau on Instagram


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Matt Landau (@themattlandau)

Followers: 7,298

Matt Landau is a real vacation rental celeb and founder of VRMB, a vacation rental marketing blog and educational platform for independent owners and property managers. Matt also hosts one of the industry’s most popular podcasts: Unlocked, where he interviews some of the most innovative professionals in vacation rentals. He is involved in many different vacation rental initiatives and also has a popular weekly newsletter. Check out his Lodgify webinar on guest experience tips here!

What we ❤️ about Matt:

Matt is inspirational because he offers real thought leadership in a sector where there is a lot of noise from pseudo-experts. He always offers different perspectives and has a great way of getting information across in all his channels. His content is excellent!

@Cottageguru on Twitter

Followers: 6,500

Originally from the U.K., Heather Bayer now lives in Canada and calls herself a vacation rental nerd. She has been in vacation rentals for over 25 years and probably doesn’t need any introduction, but for those of you who are new to this, Heather is one of the industry stalwarts.

Her popular blog Cottageblogger has grown into an education platform called Vacation Rental Formula. Heather is also the host of one of the industry’s longstanding podcasts. Vacation Rental Success, where she interviews industry leaders, successful hosts and social media strategists. 

What we ❤️ about Heather:

Heather is a very entertaining interviewer with strong opinions who aims to raise standards in the industry.  We all owe her a lot.

For short-term rental investment and hosting advice

STRU (Short term Rental University) on YouTube

74.8k subscribers

The Short Term Rental University is a one-stop platform to learn to build and grow your short term rental business on Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO.  The host is Richard Fertig, who has a background in finance and investment. 

What we ❤️ about Richard:

His no-nonsense advice is solid and serious.

Lodgify Academy

1.82K subscribers

You can and should also definitely check out the valuable tips from our own Alvar at the Lodgify Academy, which was only started in 2021 and is growing strong! Our goal is to teach you how to build & scale your short-term rental business – from buying your first investment property to managing your vacation rental taxes. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to start and grow a successful vacation rental business!

In our latest on-demand video course, Alvar shares the stage with industry experts to teach you how to optimize your website for Google to get more organic traffic.  Sign up now to boost your website’s ranking on Google.

What we ❤️ about Alvar:

Well, we have to love Alvar cause he’s one of us!  However, he also is dynamic and very knowledgeable and fun to watch. You go, Alvar! 

BONUS! More channels to explore

Also, scan our previous posts about the most popular Facebook groups, top Airbnb blogs,  top 14 LinkedIn groups, and 25 vacation rental podcasts that will turn you into a pro.  We also featured some prominent influencers to watch

As we said at the beginning, there are many more channels, and they are going every day. Did we forget to mention someone you love? We would love for you to share some of your favorites in the comments below.

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