Best toiletries for vacation rentals

Vacation Rental Toiletries: Ideas for Adding Value to your Home

What are the details that make or break a guest’s stay? Is it the vacation rental welcome letter? Or perhaps, the home decor? While all those things do factor into guest experience, the granular details, such as vacation rental toiletries, might actually be what drives the quality of a guest’s stay. 

So you know that you need to include guest toiletry supplies, but what specifically are guests looking for? Moreover, what are they going to be impressed with that they might not otherwise be expecting? Something as simple as a guest toiletry basket could put your guests over the moon and sway their decision to book a stay with you again in the future. Show off your hosting abilities by implementing these guest toiletry ideas for every room in your vacation rental!

What guest bathroom toiletries should you include?

When we think of toiletries for vacation rentals, the first thing that comes to mind is the bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are a given. In fact, you might actually be hurting the guest experience, and consequently, your customer reviews if you don’t provide this bare minimum. Remember that guests are still expecting the full hotel treatment, just in the comfort of a homier setting, so don’t skimp on the important stuff!

Shower essentials

As mentioned, you’ll need to include the basics for bathing, but you can also have fun with it! Including locally sourced products, homemade soaps, or making this your luxury splurge is all a part of the fun. Guests want catered trips, so even reaching out beforehand and asking if they have a preference or leaving a small card as to why you selected these products will demonstrate the thought you put into their reservation.


When we say cosmetics, we don’t mean that you need to supply a full stack of makeup for your guests. Including products like makeup remover, disposable application sponges, or face lotion are nice added touches for all of your guests. 

Spa Products

If you’re setting your sights on luxury travelers, you’ll need to consider adding toiletries that will wow this guest profile. Bring the spa to them! Beyond luxury amenities, adding luxury toiletries to your stock will be sure to impress guests. This could consist of high-end brands or massage oils and bath salts.

Airbnb toiletries for bathtub

Grooming supplies

Even if your guests are just staying for a couple of nights, they want to maintain their look while they’re there! Including single-use grooming toiletries, like cotton swabs, shaving kits, or combs will be a great addition to your toiletries list. Further, if guests feel like their grooming needs are being met outside of their own homes, they might be more likely to extend their stay and book more nights. 

Best toiletries for vacation rentals

Guest toiletries don’t necessarily start and stop at the bathroom. There are many spaces around your vacation home that could benefit from guest toiletries, such as a vanity, outdoor shower, or pool area. Depending on your home, you can get creative with where and what you’ll put into the toiletries for your vacation rental. We’ve pulled together a list of fan favorites that will be sure to impress your guests.

Essential Oils

Running a vacation rental might be a little stressful, but staying in one shouldn’t be. Never lose sight of the fact that your visitors are on holiday. Everything in your home, down to the toiletries, should reflect this. Including a flight of basic essential oils, like lavender, tea tree and chamomile, will help set the tone for relaxation. 

In a similar vein, your guests might enjoy a set of aromatherapy lotions if oils aren’t their style. There are many lotion brands on the market that promote tranquility or even better sleep!

Face Masks

Sticking to the theme of relaxation, face masks are an excellent way to promote a calming vacation and create a memorable experience for your guests. The more memorable their trip is, the more likely they are to book with you again in the future.

Guest bathroom toiletries

Argan hair oil

Some cosmetics can be tricky because every person has different tastes, needs, and skin or hair types, but argan hair oil or anything of the sort is foolproof. This is a product that can add to your beauty collection for guests without being too particular. 


This is a biggie if you offer a destination location in the sun! Any outdoors-oriented vacation rental will benefit from this useful addition. Most guests don’t want to bother with packing extras like sunscreen, so when you have this on your property, ready to use, they’ll thank you for saving them a trip to the store. 

Aloe vera

Where there is sun, there is also sunburn. Remember that even external factors like bad weather and sunburn can, unfortunately, affect how a guest perceives the quality of their stay. You can’t control what happens outside of your vacation rental, but you can help your guests when they return to the property by offering products like aloe vera to ease the discomfort. They’ll be grateful for the added touch.

Dental care

Have you ever jet-set off to a new location only to realize you forgot your toothbrush? Having travel-sized toothpaste, a couple of disposable toothbrushes, and dental floss shows your guests that you thought one step ahead. You can also use this opportunity to show off your green side by offering bamboo toothbrushes and organic toothpaste. 

Nail kits

Your guests want to feel good and look good while they stay at your vacation home. This can be achieved in the simplest of ways by offering things like a nail kit. Including a nail file, nail polish remover, and cotton swabs could be enough to please any guest.

A local fave

Remember, the catered trips always outrank cookie-cutter travels; after all, that might have been the main reason your guests opted for a vacation home instead of a hotel. Guest toiletries are your chance to give that extra pizazz and throw in local favorites. Whether it’s a homemade lotion or eucalyptus spray bought at your local farmer’s market, your guests will surely rave about the personal touch.

What Airbnb toiletries supplies should you include?

Even the most seasoned of hosts start to panic when they start to think about what toiletries they should put in their Airbnb. It’s true that you might want to switch it up for Airbnb reservations versus other bookings. 

Travel size toiletries for vacation rentals

Many guests book through Airbnb because this brand boasts “unique, high-quality accommodations and experiences that have created a new way to travel that did not exist before and cannot be found anywhere else,” as stated in a recent business update. If guests are seeking something different from their Airbnb stay, then the toiletries you offer should be a little more thought out as well.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the guests staying at your property. What makes it special and how can you mirror this in your toiletry offerings? Adding toiletries that can’t be found outside of your locale or products that turn into experiences, such as a self-care kit, will show guests what a great Airbnb host you really are. 

To sum it up

Guest toiletries are what you make it. Have fun with it, include what could be useful, and never skimp on the bare essentials! It’s important that you find a balance between customized and generic because a bachelor party might not find much use in a manicure kit, but your guests will be equally unenthused if you choose the most generic products on the market. 

Choosing the right toiletries for your vacation rental is going to help increase the value of your property and, consequently, grow your profits. If you’re looking for other ways to increase your vacation rental income, consider using property management software that reduces your administrative labor, consolidates your bookings into one place, and provides you with a stunning website to bring in more direct bookings. Give it a try with our free 7-day trial

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