9 Essential Tools to Transform Your Vacation Rental Business

No matter how many vacation rentals you own or manage, you’ll always want to stay up to date and make sure that your guests are safe and happy.

This can be pretty time consuming, especially if it’s not your full-time job. You’re busy organizing your bookings, welcoming your guests, shopping, cleaning or ensuring that windows and doors were left closed and secure after check out. In a nutshell, vacation rental owners just want to be sure that everything runs smoothly.

That’s where we come in:

We’ve prepared a list of nine tools for vacation rentals, ranging from smart home system apps to decoration ideas, that will help turn some of those time-consuming tasks into quick, one-tap actions.

See which tools made the cut:

1. Beyond Pricing


Are you unsure which prices you should set for your vacation rental? This site can help! Beyond Pricing is an automatic mobile pricing solution for vacation rental sites like Airbnb.

Hosts will know Beyond Pricing’s rate suggestions are reliable due to the application’s use of up-to-date market data which will help maximize rental income and bookings. It’s easy to use: simply connect your existing listings and recommended rates will appear. You can then choose to immediately sync your calendar with these prices on your vacation rental site or any other external channels.

As Beyond Pricing pits your vacation rental against the competition in your area for those dates, their data-driven pricing recommendations are said to increase your takings by up to 40%!

What’s the catch? The service isn’t free to use. Beyond Pricing charge a monthly 1% fee, which is based on your booking revenue per month.

2. Handy


If you’re looking to take the fuss out of cleaning or repairs, Handy is a no-brainer! Handy pairs you up with professional cleaners and handymen, simply download the app and book someone for your job in a matter of seconds – they can be with you as early as the next day. What’s more, they’ll bring all the tools or equipment they need so you won’t have to worry about a thing, just make sure you’re around to let them in!

Handy helps make your vacation rental shine for any upcoming guests. Best of all? You’ll never have to do the cleaning again.

3. Lockitron


Check in, check out – the process of key changeovers can include a lot of waiting around, especially if flights are delayed or there’s bad traffic. But not to worry, the future is here! And it’s called Lockitron.

Lockitron is a total game changer. Once you install this keyless entry system on your vacation rental property entrance, you’ll be able to unlock the doors directly from your phone with just one swipe. How awesome is that?

When you open the app on your smartphone, you are presented with the intuitive lock and unlock button right away. It’s really easy to share key access with guests, and you can set a time limit on their Lockitron key so you’ll know that the day they leave, your property will remain safe for your next visitors.

Lockitron offers two products. The first one is called BOLT and is the keyless entry system that uses Bluetooth. The second product, BRIDGE, connects to the internet and allows you to control locks from the other side of the world.

Convinced? Lockitron pricing starts at $99.

4. Netflix


If you want to provide your guests with a premium vacation rental service, Netflix is a fantastic and affordable idea to pair up with your Smart TV. This way, your visitors can choose a movie or their favorite series to watch in the evening and enjoy it without commercials.

As Netflix can be used on multiple screens at the same time, it can be a great option for when you’re hosting a family, so that the kids can watch cartoons in another room. Parents can relax knowing there are built-in parental controls available.

It’s the perfect solution for your vacation rental to maintain premium standards but without the high costs of cable or satellite TV subscriptions.

Netflix prices start at $7.99 per month.

5. Plum


If you want an intelligent lighting solution for your vacation rental, look no further than Plum. Plum’s system allows you to set the lights and brightness in any room in your home from the comfort of wherever you are with your iPhone.

Moreover, the tool comes equipped with a monitoring device that can keep an eye on energy usage while the rental home is vacant.

This iOS application will take your guests’ vacation rental experience to the next level. Recent studies have shown that 60% of guests would pay more for vacation rental homes with these intelligent features, proving their strong appeal for modern renters.

6. Houzz


If you need some creative help with furnishing and decorating your vacation rentals, Houzz is the app for you.

Using Houzz, you can make your interior and exterior design dreams come true and create the vacation rental home you always wanted.

To get started, sign up for the app using your email address or Facebook, and during the registration process, you’ll have to give some indications about your taste or vacation rental style in order to receive access to 10 million photos for inspiration. You can also use Houzz to get in touch with professionals to help bring your project to life, as well as purchase furniture and furnishings you like the look of, too.

As the vacation rental industry gets more and more competitive, it’s important to stay creative and know how to make your properties stand out. This application is like a breath of fresh air for owners who are stuck in a rut!

7. MagicPlan and MagicMeasure


OK so we’re kind of cheating by putting these two together, but MagicPlan and MagicMeasure go hand in hand and they’re going to relieve the pain of taking manual measures of your vacation rental properties forever. The result? A fun, quick process.

MagicPlan transforms your space into a classic floor plan. All you need to do is to take pictures of your home’s corners. Simply assemble your rooms together by swiping them into place on the app, and watch as it transforms your rooms into a professional floor plan in .jpg/.pdf/.html format.

MagicMeasure does exactly what it says on the tin. That is, magically measure from an object captured on a photo. As your phone acts as a tape measure, no other tools are needed to work out what is going to fit in that space. Choose whether you need to measure distances in your home, surfaces or volumes for 3D objects like furniture and away you go.

8. Fibaro


The Fibaro System is an intelligent tool that will transform your vacation rental property into a super smart and self-regulating machine. It’s a bit more pricey than some of the other tools, so you should see it as an investment that will definitely wow your guests!

There are several home safety products available through Fibaro, these include smoke sensors, flood sensors and window and door sensors.

Any issues or incidents that are detected will immediately be sent to your mobile phone, making sure you stay informed with what’s happening at your rentals, and you’ll be able to react quickly if anything is reported.

When you own multiple vacation rentals, this application can be a lifesaver when it comes to vacation rental management and security. Fibaro is currently the best home automation solution on the market.

9. Lodgify


With Lodgify’s innovative software, it’s never been easier for vacation rental owners and managers to create their own accommodation website and accept online bookings. It’s a great tool which allows owners to manage reservations from one centralized place, as well as synchronize property information across external booking channels to avoid niggles like double bookings.

Lodgify website templates are fully customizable, meaning you can create the site that suits your business and your brand. Every user is entitled to a free, 7-day trial and there’s no obligation to commit once the trial period has ended. Prices for paid users start from as little as $22 per month and there are no commissions or other set-up fees to pay for this software.

What are your favorite tools as a vacation rental owner? Do you already use any of the apps we’ve mentioned? Get in touch and let us know your recommendations in the comments below.

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