10 Vacation Rental YouTube Channels Every Host Should Subscribe To

There are many free resources out there for vacation rental owners and property managers. From blogs to podcasts, you can delve deep into the topics and issues concerning short-term rental management and vacation rental marketing.

However, not everyone always has the time or patience to sit down and read a whole article or listen to an hour-long discussion – especially as they prepare their vacation rentals for the travel trends of 2021.

Take advantage of YouTube’s property management videos

YouTube offers bite-sized as well as more in-depth content for every type of preference. The fact that it’s also visually supported makes it a lot more digestible and easy to understand – especially in the middle of a full schedule when there are already a thousand other things keeping your head busy and demanding your attention. 

Some people are also simply visual learners and much more receptive to this type of media. Add the entertainment value of the video format on top, and YouTube actually proves itself to be a very convenient and useful platform for busy vacation rental owners looking for helpful and entertaining content online.

That’s why we have compiled a list of YouTube channels run by smart and creative minds who provide hosts with the type of insight and advice they need to successfully run their own vacation rental business. Check out the full list below!

1. Airbnb

The official Airbnb YouTube channel offers a variety of content specific to Airbnb for both hosts and guests.

There are many tales of travelers from all over the world that will instantly trigger your own wanderlust with their incredible nature shots. 

On top of that, there are also categorized playlists with topics ranging from “Airbnb Host Tips” to  “Host Q&A” where you can find interesting and relevant discussions about issues that are affecting Airbnb hosts. 

2. Airbnb Automated

Sean Rakidzich is the host of this channel and he shares his own hosting expertise through educational videos on how to maximize profits and efficiently list on Airbnb.

The topics range from pricing strategy advice to design tips and Airbnb policy breakdowns. If you are looking for strategic insight on how to invest and grow a profitable vacation rental business, be sure to check out this channel.

3. BiggerPockets

This is the official YouTube channel of BiggerPockets.com – an online platform and community for real estate investors. 

Their informational videos center around tips and expert advice about real estate investment, market trends, and finance. The YouTube channel offers short, easily digestible five-minute-long how-to guides, as well as uploads of extensive, in-depth podcast discussions.

The content is very diverse and you are sure to find a lot of useful information. On top of that, they cover the topic of vacation rental investments specifically in several videos.

4. STR University

This channel was started by Richard Fertig in 2016. He is an entrepreneur, former Wall Street Hedge funder, and a short-term rental host himself.

His videos give insight into his own experiences, provide applicable advice and often debate the pros and cons of relevant short-term rental issues – especially those affecting Airbnb hosts and other listing site users in particular.

Owners of vacation rentals looking for answers and opinions will definitely be able to find many valuable tips from an experienced fellow host on the STR University channel.

5. OptimizeMyBnb

Danny doesn’t disappoint! His Airbnb management YouTube channel is the perfect tool for vacation rental hosts. As a prior Airbnb employee and now a Superhost with impressive rankings, you can really tell that Danny puts his all into OptimizeMyBnb.

On this channel, you can find weekly tips, short videos on special topics like guest communication, and reviews of useful resources and tools. While these videos are ideal for any kind of host, the channel is mainly directed towards owners with less than 15 listings.

6. The Vacation Rental Show

“The Vacation Rental Show” is a series hosted by Matt Landau, in which he journeys to the emerging destination hotspots around the globe to explore the trends of vacation rental travel and hosting.

The 25-30 minute episodes are sponsored by Booking.com and provide the viewer with a glimpse into the world of hospitality in foreign places.

It will give you a tangible sense of how guests want to experience traveling in this day and age and how hosts from different walks of life welcome them in their own unique way.

7. Fully Booked Consulting

On the channel “Fully Booked Consulting”, Heidi Miget uploads videos in which she simply and precisely explains the ins and outs of vacation rental marketing.

She is a marketing strategist with more than 12 years of experience under her belt and a homeowner herself. As a result, she really knows how to help you improve the visibility of your listings and your booking rates on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo.

Especially if you are just starting out with your marketing strategy, you should subscribe to this channel and take advantage of the easy guidance you’ll get there.

8. Lodgify

Lodgify’s YouTube channel offers a variety of content, ranging from interior design ideas to guides on how to build your very own vacation rental website.

You can find short, fast-paced clips that illustrate the most important points in a nutshell, as well as in-depth webinars that guide you step-by-step and show you how to improve your property’s web presence.

If you want to promote your vacation rental property online and learn how to manage and increase your bookings, you should definitely take a look!

9. Angela Brown

Although Angela’s Youtube channel focuses mainly on cleaning, she has a section with over 50 videos dedicated to tackling vacation rental topics. You’ll find helpful videos on subjects like restocking supplies and dealing with messy guests. 

Angela has over 25 years working as a professional house cleaner. This means that she’s got all the good tricks that can make vacation home cleaning a much easier task for hosts and their cleaning staff

10. Bonus: House & Home

Design tips can get pretty boring when you’re faced with articles or podcasts that don’t provide visuals. That said, House & Home is exactly what you need if you’re looking for inspo on vacation rental decorations and renovations. 

Learn about different fabrics, stay updated on the latest furniture trends, and renovate your home like an expert. No matter what your personal style is, you’ll find something that will make you want to repaint your kitchen walls.

You can check out these channels by clicking now and discover which ones match your interests and taste. There is something for every preference, so simply hit the “subscribe” button and start your YouTube binge!

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