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12 Best WordPress Websites With a Lodgify Widget

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. And this is particularly so when it comes to your vacation rental business. Customers have so many booking platforms and vacation rentals to choose from; therefore, as a property manager, you’ll want to ensure that any potential guests landing on your website are immediately impressed.

However, it’s not just about having a pretty homepage. Having a well-designed website with clear and engaging visuals, easy navigation, and the necessary information can significantly enhance the user experience and generate more inquiries and bookings. It serves as the primary gateway for potential guests to learn about your property and make bookings.

A customizable website establishes your brand identity and credibility while offering a platform for direct customer communication, giving hosts a competitive edge in a crowded rental market. Furthermore, integrating vacation rental software with your website can streamline the booking process and make managing your business more efficient. Overall, investing in a good website is essential for the growth and success of any vacation rental business.

wordpress widgets

In this article, we showcase some of the best customer websites created with WordPress using a Lodgify booking widget. From stunning design and intuitive user interfaces to seamless booking processes and dynamic integrations, these websites are sure to inspire and impress.

Whether you’re a vacation rental owner looking to build a website for your property or simply interested in seeing some of the best websites out there, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at the type of widgets Lodgify offers and examples of how they’ve been used.

Search Button

search box widget for wordpress

The Search Button mimics the widgets found in conventional OTAs by providing visitors with a user-friendly calendar option and a dropdown menu for selecting the number of guests, enabling them to choose the duration of their stay.

Book Now Button

book now widget for wordpress

If your aim is to streamline the checkout process and offer the simplest option, then implementing the ‘Book Now’ feature could be the most suitable choice for your business.

Book Box

book box widget for wordpress

This is an excellent choice if you want to promote multiple properties. You can generate a catalog of your properties and incorporate the Book Box into each one separately, no matter how many you have.

WordPress websites with search button Lodgify widget

Minga Lodge & Reserve

Minga Lodge

With a clean, stylish font and a jaw-dropping cover photo, Minga Lodge & Reserve can boast a beautiful website that immediately gives you a feel for the place. The neutral colors and simple design give off an impression of luxury and tranquility, and the two buttons can take potential guests straight to booking or the gallery to see more photos.

Website: http://mingalodge.com/

Serena Cottages

Serena Cottages

Serena Cottages search widget Serena Cottages in Australia use a cozy evening photograph of one of their rentals to give guests an idea of the kind of relaxation they’ll find here. Using a darker fade over the image to highlight the property name and pricing and availability button makes the booking process easy for guests.

Website: https://serenabeechworthaccommodation.com.au/

Puur Curaçao

Puur CuraçaoThis website transports us to the paradise beaches of Jan Thiel in Curaçao using a gorgeous photograph of the property and showcasing the sunshine and the pool! The homepage makes great use of the Lodgify booking widget by displaying it on top of the water and using the same colors as the photograph. 

Website: https://puurcuracao.com/

Auldhame House

auldhame house

This beautiful property in Scotland has gone with a simple and elegant homepage, using the WordPress search widget on top of a photograph of their relaxing living room. Using a fine font and matching the color of the widget with the room’s decor, this website provides a seamless user experience.

Website: https://www.auldhamehouse.com/

Brooklyn Beach Club

Brooklyn Beach Club Across the pond, Brooklyn Beach Club has also managed to customize the color of their search button, this time to match their logo. With a sublime photo of a sunset sky behind their hand-written slogan, the laid-back attitude they’re promoting comes across effectively, helping them to attract the exact type of guest they’re looking for.

Website: https://brooklynbeachclubwildwood.com/

WordPress websites with book now Lodgify widget

Eastwood Observatory

Eastwood Observatory This homepage oozes luxury, not just because of the spectacular image, but because of the elegant drone footage of the property that plays as users navigate the website. Furthermore, additional information is easy to find thanks to the clear page headings at the top.

Website: https://www.eastwoodobservatory.co.uk/

Golden Ridge Manor

Golden Ridge Manor Much like the Eastwood Observatory website, this opens up with a selection of glorious drone footage, giving users an almost cinematic experience. The simple ‘book now’ button is eye-catching, while the rest of the pages are clear and elegant, with the information on amenities and social media gallery particular highlights.

Website: https://goldenridgemanor.com/

Starlight Retreat

starlight retreat starlight book now

This glamping site in Idaho opens with a beautifully-lit bell tent, emphasizing its bright colors and comfortable ambiance. It’s stylish yet fun, and making a booking couldn’t be easier with the book now WordPress widget.

Website: https://starlightretreat.com/

Soller Holiday Rental

Soller lodgify Soller booking widget Mallorca sells itself really, doesn’t it? However, the website does a brilliant job of highlighting the luxurious and effortless themes that the location and the rentals project. Using the no-nonsense book now button, potential guests will find it difficult to navigate away.

Website: https://sollerholidayrental.com/

Nisos Villas Corfu

Nisos Villas Corfu

This luxurious property on the island of Corfu in Greece doesn’t need to say much to convince people to book. It showcases a simple message on top of a ridiculously beautiful photograph and uses the book now button in the top right, where it’s easily visible and easily clickable!

Website: https://nisosvillascorfu.com/

WordPress websites with book box Lodgify widget

Antibes Rental

antibes rental The French Riviera is home to some of the world’s most attractive properties…and websites, apparently! As if seeing the two guests relax by the pool wasn’t tempting enough, this website cleverly mimics the shape of the swimming pool in the WordPress book box widget. 

Website: https://www.antibes-rental.com/

Casas Rurales Puerta de Andalucía

casas rurales casas rurales widget

Using a cover photo that emphasizes the rustic charm of Southern Spain, this Andalusian rental business offers a hassle-free vacation and booking experience. It makes the most of the book box WordPress widget by placing it just above an image of the private swimming pool and the property details.

Website: https://www.casasruralespuertadeandalucia.com

Want to know more?

These 12 websites are just some of our favorite vacation rental websites created with WordPress using a Lodgify widget. They are well aware that providing a quality guest experience begins from the very start of the reservation process. It’s not just a good idea, but a crucial one, to select the right booking widget for your business. Click here to discover more about integrating one of these widgets into your website.

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