22 Zaps for Lodgify Users and Vacation Rental Property Managers

You might remember that we recently announced Lodgify’s integration with the task automation app, Zapier. While we touched on ideas for “Zaps” you can begin to set up, we didn’t go into a lot of detail.

In this article, we’re going to show you some of our favorite Zaps for Lodgify users and vacation rental property managers. Automating tasks not only helps you to save time and effort, but also allows you to stay organized and never miss a beat! Let’s take a look at the integrations you can achieve with Lodgify and Zapier.

Zaps for Lodgify users

Popular Zaps for Lodgify users which will help make managing your bookings, daily operations and reports a breeze.

1. Create a row in Google Sheets for booking reporting and dashboards

If like many vacation rental managers, you keep on top of accounts and bills via Google Sheets, with Zapier there’s now a quicker way to update your books. Create a Zap to add a new row in Google Sheets for each new or updated booking.

2. Add booking to housekeeping calendar (+ invite cleaning company)

Whether you take care of housekeeping yourself or have a trusted professional or company do, it’s easy to get confused. Whilst juggling bookings, inquiries, check-ins and check-outs, the last thing you need is any complications regarding cleaning schedules.

Set up a Zap to automatically add each booking party’s arrival and departure dates to a Google Calendar, then share it with your staff. Easy peasy!

3. Create check-in/check-out lists with Wunderlist

To stay on top of all the guests who are coming and going at your property, you can sync Lodgify with apps such as Wunderlist and create easy-to-follow check-in and check-out lists and see at a glance who is arriving or departing on a given date. It will even pull details of any booking notes – so you can check if you need to prepare something special for a honeymoon, birthday or family reunion.

4. Generate automatic invoices in your accounting software (via Xero, Wave, Quickbooks)

For users who have more advanced accounting software, connecting your Lodgify account is now effortless. Just set up a Zap to generate automatic invoices directly in your accounting software, e.g. Xero, Wave or Quickbooks.

5. Send an email to your reservation team

With this connection, you can easily set up a Zap which will trigger the sending of an automated email to your reservation team – whenever you receive a new booking.

6. Send a Slack message to your reservation team

Additionally, if your reservation team are on Slack, you can set up a similar automation to notify them at once about new bookings. Slack is a great team tool (and not only for booking teams!) because real-time communication means all members stay up-to-date.

7. Send a text message to the Guest or Owner

Using Zapier’s connection with Twilio, you can set up a Zap to automatically send a text message to your incoming guest, or the rental owner.

Zaps for all vacation rental property managers

To set up these Zaps, you don’t need to be a Lodgify user. These general marketing-related automations will help simplify the management of different channels for your different properties.


8. Add new bookings as MailChimp newsletter subscribers

In order to keep in touch with guests long after their departure, configure a Zap to automatically add any new bookings to your MailChimp newsletter subscriber list. This way, you’ll be able to send them updates about your property, special offers for future stays and any other correspondence – without any effort at all.

Simply use “New Booking” as your Trigger and “Add/Update Subscriber” as the Action in Zapier.


9. Autoshare Instagram photos to your Facebook Page

Instead of constantly flicking between different social networks to update them manually, set up a Zap to do it for you. With this Zap template, your Instagram will automatically share any photos you upload directly to your company Facebook Page.

10. Tweet Instagram photos with image preview

Just as with Facebook, you can also set up a Zap to share new Instagram posts direct to Twitter. When you use this pre-made Zap template, you’ll even be able to configure Tweets to show the image preview.

11. Pin new Instagram posts on Pinterest

If you’re a Pinterest champion, you’ll be glad to know you can also share Instagram pictures to Pinterest using Zapier.

12. List tagged Instagram photos in Google Sheets

Gaining new Instagram followers is always exciting – even more so when your vacation rental guests start to follow you and tag your home in their pictures. Notifications don’t stick around forever, though. So instead of traipsing through your tagged photos every time you want to share some user-generated content, why not set up a Zap to keep a record for you? This template will record a new entry in Google Sheets every time your brand or rental is tagged on the image-sharing site.

13. Gmail alerts for new Instagram hashtag mentions and email summary of those mentions

If you’re researching certain hashtags or even trying to target potential guests, you can now set up a Gmail alert to send a summary of any hashtag mentions direct to your inbox. Never miss a relevant post again!


14. Make a new post to your Facebook Page every week

As a property manager, you already have plenty of things to remember in your day-to-day. Sharing content on social media is now more important than ever, but it can sometimes feel like you don’t have time to do it all. Set up a Zap to make a new post to your Facebook Page each week, and you’ll likely see engagement levels receive a boost.

15. Post daily weather forecasts on Facebook Page

Weather is a big talking point when it comes to vacation destinations – no matter where you’re located. So whether your guests are expecting fresh snow on the slopes, or a beautiful blue-skied beach day, create a Zap to update your Facebook Page with the latest weather forecasts.

16. Share new Facebook Pages posts to LinkedIn

Automating the sharing of your posts from one social network to another is one of the best ways to save time when marketing your rental. Build a Zap to post any new Facebook Pages posts to your LinkedIn profile and never have to worry about manually sharing again.


17. Grow your audience by sharing new blog posts on LinkedIn

As long as your blog provider has a publicly accessible RSS feed, you’ll save yourself a job when you create a Zap to autoshare new blog posts on LinkedIn. That way, all your followers and other professionals in your network can see what you’re writing about – with minimal extra effort on your part.


18. Tweet at new Twitter followers

Build instant rapport and engage your online community when you welcome new Twitter followers and thank them for joining you with this automated Tweet Zap. This is a hassle-free way of getting new followers interested in your vacation rental.

19. Add your new Twitter followers to Google Sheets

To stay on top of new followers and get insights about your audience, make a Zap which will add any new Twitter followers to a Google Sheet.

20. Post new tweets every day

Vacation rental property managers have notoriously busy schedules – but you still need to find time to Tweet! Don’t let your feed suffer – it’s easy to schedule new tweets to post every day with Zapier.

21. Save Twitter search mentions to an Excel spreadsheet

Find out what people are saying about your brand, monitor the competition or simply stay on top of industry news when you monitor specific mentions. With Zapier, you can create a Zap to store the mentions you decide in an Excel spreadsheet. That way, they’re all in one place when you come to reviewing them.

22. Add new Twitter geo search mentions to a new row on Google Sheets

As well as monitoring brand mentions, you can go one step further and monitor any mentions of events and other activities happening your location. This Zap will constantly skim Twitter for mentions of specific search terms, coming from the location you pick. The tweets it finds will then be added to a new row on Google Sheets.

We’ll be adding new automations to this list of Zaps frequently, so please be sure to bookmark the post! Sign up to our newsletter and receive the latest vacation rental industry news and tips direct to your inbox.

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