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What is a self-catering accommodation?

Self-catering accommodation is a type of vacation rental where the guests are responsible for preparing their meals and are provided with the necessary kitchen and cooking facilities. It can be a vacation rental home, apartment, villa or cottage, cabin or even a cabin or houseboat, etc.

The self-catering accommodation model differs from a hotel or traditional bed-and-breakfast, where the property typically provides meals. With self-catering accommodation, guests have more freedom and flexibility to prepare their meals according to their schedules and preferences. This can be an ideal option for families and groups of friends traveling together and travelers who want to save money on food costs during their vacation.

These properties are typically equipped with essential kitchen amenities, such as a kitchenette, fridge, oven, utensils, and cookware, and some may offer additional amenities like laundry facilities, a living room, a balcony or terrace, and in some cases, a pool or garden.

Self-catering accommodations vary widely in size and amenities, from small studio apartments to large luxury villas, from rustic cabins in the mountains to beachfront apartments. They can be found in many popular tourist destinations worldwide and are increasingly popular among travelers seeking a more independent and flexible way of traveling.

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