28 juin 2018

Airbnb Basic Integration Improvements
  • Reservations imported via Airbnb Basic will now automatically change from "Unavailable" to "Booked" (if there is availability)
  • Users will now be able to manually change the status of "Unavailable" reservations to "Booked" or "Tentative"

1 juin 2018

Improvements - Data Consent for Guests
  • Added a new "Guest Consent Feature". Whenever this feature is enabled, all the forms in your website (Signup, Contact, Call-me-back, Mailchimp, etc..) will now include a mandatory "I accept privacy policy" checkbox
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a small issue where "5xx errors" where shown to some users.

25 mai 2018

Improvements: Privacy Consent
  • Added a new "Privacy Consent" setting in the Website Builder. You can now choose for your website's visitors to consent to your privacy policy before submitting any Lodgify form
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug when trying to change dates of a booking in the reservation system
  • The "Font Size" selector will now properly apply to both the Overview and Listing pages

24 mai 2018

AirBnB Pro Integration Improvements
  • Fixed a bug with the "Allow Request to Book" setting. Requests within the "Advance Notice" timeframe will now be properly restricted when set to "No"
  • Fixed a minor bug with the "Max Days Notice" setting

17 mai 2018

New Bookable Units Extra
  • This extra enables you to add more than one unit into a property or roomtype

15 mai 2018

New Payment Gateways: Braintree &
  • We've added two new payment gateway alternatives. You can enable these under your payment setting options.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Bio field in "My Account". The field now has a max of 2000 characters to prevent future issues
  • Fixed an issue with the content data being sent to Outswitch. All the property images should be properly synched now
  • Fixed an issue with broken property images in the inbox when the format uploaded was .png or different than .jpg

8 mai 2018

AirBnB Pro Integration Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with messages not sent with Airbnb Pro
  • Fixed an issue with number of guests included with Airbnb Pro
  • Changed the total amount shown for the Airbnb Pro bookings: now we also include the "host fees" in the total amount
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect values were being set when no extra price per guest was set in Lodgify
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where sub-owners were unable to login

4 mai 2018 integration fixes
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some reservations into being imported to Lodgify
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to login through Social (Facebook or Google)

24 avril 2018

  • Added the function to filter for bookings by booking source in the Reservation System
  • Added Outswitch as a new App and Channel Manager in both the Channel Manager and Apps page
AirBnB Pro Integration Improvements
  • For Airbnb Pro bookings we now show the "Listing Base Price" as the main Total Amount, not the "Expected Amount"
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to create a booking from the mobile version
  • Fixed an issue where it took long to save the Location & Gallery page of the Property CMS
  • Fixed a bug where owners when logging in would always be redirected to the lodgify login page instead of logging into their owner account

11 avril 2018

New Lodgify Whitelabel App
  • When selected, you can select a website for which you want to have the “Powered by Lodgify” removed.
  • Added a new filter for the inbox filter list: “Booking Source”* (Airbnb, Bcom, Manual, Outswitch, websites, etc..)
  • Size of text is now editable by the user through the Design-Fonts section of the website.

26 mars 2018

AirBnB Pro Integration Fixes
  • Fixed issue with non-jpg images not working for Airbnb Pro
  • Increased the speed when importing existing booking from AirBnB
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue were closed periods were not editable/deletable if room types were cancelled

7 mars 2018

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Catalan, Korean and Danish websites
  • Fixed a bug where sub-owners could 'delete' the contact info data of the property manager by saving the last details of a property

15 février 2018

Bug Fixes
  • The "go to desktop view" option has been added back for mobile users
  • Invoices created manually are now shown again in the billing page
  • Fixed an issue where Internet Explorer users were unable to login
  • Fixed an issue with phone numbers not being stored when creating bookings
  • Fixed an issue with downloadable reports
  • Fixed an issue when adding rental types into bookings

10 janvier 2018

Private Beta: New AirBnB Pro Integration
  • Our new direct integration with AirBnB pro is not live on private beta. Contact us directly for more details
Improvements and Fixes
  • Added new amenities (Meal Plans: All inclusive, Half Board, Full Board). They can be chosen when adding or editing properties.
  • Fixed an issue where custom amenities were not being shown in the "Rooms" section
  • Fixed a a few issues with subowners restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue where a general error was shown when trying to add new properties for German users
  • Added a "Forgot Password?" link inside the "Owner Login" widget for all websites.
  • Fixed an issue where room descriptions failed to show for some users

13 décembre 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing sub-owners from adding new properties
  • Fixed a bug where Chinese characters were not being imported correctly fron AirBnB bookings
  • Fixed a bug where the Damage Deposit field was being cleared after saving policies

23 novembre 2017

New 'Payment Method' Interface
  • The new payment method interface allows you to enable different payment methods for your property. Now the guest can decide which payment method to use when booking from the methods you have enabled Integration update
  • To increase usability, we moved the reservation details from the "message" panel to a new "External Quote" page
  • Users can now see the current mapping and mark-up inside their page
General Improvements
  • Added new restrictions for Sub-Owners. You can now choose whether sub-owners can view booking sources. Additionally, we added two new restrictions: “This owner can edit the Calendar and the Reservations?” and “This owner can edit his assigned properties?”
  • Added new Inbox Filters: users can now select the "Make this view primary" option. When enabled, the selected view will always be chosen by default
  • Added a new "Quote Expiry" logic to our policies. can select the amount of hours after a quote is expired. The expiration date for the quote will be shown into the booking details and is sent alongside emails.
  • Added 3 new variables to our email templates: “HouseRentalAgreement”, “HouseDirections” and “HouseRatesNotes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where some reservations made in the past were being cancelled for some users
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some users to continue after the first step when creating new properties
  • Fixed an issue with the "Payment Link" when both Paypal and Stripe were enabled

16 octobre 2017

New Apps Section
  • A new Apps section is now live. You can now enable additional features through this page
  • reCaptcha, Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Analytics and Segment options have been moved to the Apps section
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong popup was shown when guests searched for availability
  • Fixed a bug which prevented subowners from accessing the new Single Calendar
  • Fixed an issue in which duplicate emails were being sent to guests and owners
  • Fixed some issues with Internet Explorer 11 which prevented some buttons from being clicked
  • Fixed an issue with Safari in which it wasn't possible to upload images
  • Fixed a bug with new filters which prevented users from accessing the trash category
  • Fixed a bug were a general error was shown when users tried to remove a room type with bookings assigned to them
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some domains from being registered

4 octobre 2017

Improvements and Fixes
  • Added an option to customize the "Header" of any of Lodgify's website templates
  • Enhanced performance for the Multi Calendar view

30 août 2017

New Multi Calendar View
  • We’ve improved the calendar user interface (UI) so that you’re able to view all your properties’ occupancy and reservation details in a single view. In case you’re working with many properties, we’ve also added filters so you can specify which properties are shown in your calendar at any time. For more info, check here:
New Single Calendar View
  • This new Calendar View is optimized for single property owners, so it will be especially useful for Lodgify users who have one or up to five rental units in their portfolio. Besides this, it is also going to be a very useful tool for property managers who would like to share single calendars with their owners. For more info, check here:
New Channel Manager UI
  • We have improved the interface and ease of use of our channel manager. You can now comfortably enable and disable channels from a single page
A plethora of other small bug fixes

12 juillet 2017

Improvements and Fixes
  • The default day for new bookings in the date picker now respects the guest's time zone.
  • Fixed a bug where empty "Thank you" pages were being shown upon booking requests

10 juillet 2017

Improvements and Fixes
  • It's now easier to choose locations when adding new properties. The new service relies on the Google Maps API. In addition to this, you can now choose to totally customize the name of the location if needed (for those really far out places!)
  • Added a new "Property Address" placeholder variable for email notifications.
  • Added a new "Owner Payout" field in the “additional rates settings” for properties.
  • Improved the "website settings - booking system" section interface. You can now choose to “Accept payments by credit card" through this page.
  • Made a few quality of life changes to the design section of our website templates. Different templates now have additional settings.

1 juin 2017

Custom API Keys
  • Users are now able to generate their own API key. To generate and access your API key go to your General Settings > Public API
Lithuanian added as a new language
  • Lodgify templates are now also available in Lithuanian integration bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where calculation for Extra cost per extra person was not being considered in the mark-up and taxes calculation

18 mai 2017

New Zapier Integration
  • Our new integration with Zapier is now live. Check out more details here:
  • The Reservation System is now split into 3 pages for easier navigation: Reservation, Calendar and Settings. We have moved property Policies to the Settings page for easier access.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where some images where being resized improperly in the "All Properties" page
  • Fixed a bug where some iCal events were cancelled and the system was not able to reflect it correctly

25 avril 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from uploading pictures.

12 avril 2017

Improvements and Fixes
  • Our import/export tool has been moved from HTTP to HTTPS for added security integration updates
  • Imported bookings now also take into account any "extra" charges from your extranet (like cleaning charges or special tax)
  • We now show a summary table at the beginning of an imported booking message

4 avril 2017

Improvements and Fixes
  • It is now possible to switch from Multi to Single (and viceversa) to change your website type if there is no subscription associated to the website

21 mars 2017 integration updates
  • Users are now able to edit guest details into their imported reservations (Language, email, phone number, etc)
  • Imported bookings now get assigned a language automatically (from the guests' locale). For unknown locales, the language will default to English
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with the "All Properties" advanced filters. Filters will also consider properties with different units. (e.g: if you have a property with 3 units, and two of them have 2 bedrooms and the others has 3, now if you search for "Minimum 3 bedrooms" properties will show correctly
  • Fixed a bug with iCal that made it impossible to sync for some users
  • Fixed a bug with the "Sort by" dropdowns in some of our templates


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