Chapter 9

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences are activities and extras that locals in the area design and lead.

These activities go beyond the normal tours or even classes that guests can experience while in a certain location, especially as they are straight from the host’s world. It is a great way for the host on Airbnb’s platform to share their skills, hobbies or interests with those that come and stay.

The activity cannot be an Airbnb Experience unless:

  • The host is a knowledgeable and passionate person on the topic
  • They are hands-on and provide an interactive activity
  • It provides special access to somewhere else and it is a unique niche all its own.

Any tours, especially large ones with more than 15 people cannot be an experience. Equally, an event without a host, any sort of service and anything that guests can find on their own are not Airbnb experiences either. These experiences are more-so visitor excursions that anyone coming to the area can take. Not only that, but you have to be the one that provides the experience.

Those staying at the rental should not have to pay somewhere else to get an experience in the town, as these would not qualify as Airbnb experiences for the rental.

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Airbnb Experience Host

In order to become an Airbnb experience host, you cannot just offer the experience to those that are going to be staying with you. You have to actually go through a process to become approved to do so and you have to let the Airbnb team know more about what you are presenting.

As the site is currently expanding support for many experiences in numerous cities around the world, more and more owners are now able to add in their experiences with their rentals. You have to submit a form stating you want to host an experience in your city and it has to be approved. Expect a response from someone from Airbnb within two weeks. However, depending on the city and your particular specialty, you might hear back even sooner!

Experience hosting with the encounter of a lifetime when you want to share something you’re passionate about and that is enriching to those that are coming to the area. It can not only provide a unique experience for your guests but also for you as a host. Meet new people and offer new things for those that want to stay in your rental, but also spend some time doing what you love. You can find some really good inspiration by visiting Airbnb’s host forum.

Types of Experience Hosting

Experiences are more like activities or excursions that a visitor is able to take part in. In general, locals in the area are the hosts of these outings. Sometimes, it is even the host of the Airbnb rental who is giving the visitor this unique, specialized access to this particular experience in this region.

Hosts have the ability to offer both hourly classes and one-day experiences, as well as cultural immersions which are experiences that happen over a few days time. They are then offered as is so that the schedules that are set forth cannot be modified to fit anyone’s schedules or have them come and go.

The experiences can be a few hours long to a few days and they should be available for any skill level and any interest that is out there. Guests also have the choice to stay separately from the experience that is being offered. This is simply an optional choice for them and not something that is mandatory for visitors wanting to undertake an Airbnb experience.

However, keep in mind that these activities are only available in select cities, and as a host, you have to have your experience approved by the Airbnb team prior to offering it with your rental property. This may be something available in your city or it may be included in the list of experiences for cities to come.