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Use HostAI to remove the complexity of management and focus on providing excellent hospitality. Automate guest communications from inquiry to post-stay follow-ups, ensuring personalized and precise interactions. Save time, enhance guest experiences, and invest more in your business’s growth.


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This integration requires both a HostAI and a Lodgify subscription.

AI messaging

Imagine a world where every guest message receives an instant response, day or night. HostAI’s AI messaging feature makes that host dream a reality. It handles all communications, from initial inquiries to grateful farewells, ensuring each interaction is smooth and personalized.


HostAI does more than streamline conversations—it can also help you boost revenue with strategic upsells. Imagine knowing exactly when to offer an early check-in or suggest an extra airport ride, all thanks to HostAI’s intelligent monitoring of your availability.

HostAI Upsells


With HostAI’s workflows, you can automate those tiny (and often tedious) yet essential tasks that add up to big-time savings. From sending a warm welcome message upon a booking’s confirmation to encouraging guests to book directly in the future, these smart triggers activate the perfect engagement opportunities.

Maintenance tracking

HostAI turns feedback into action. Should a guest report an issue, like unreliable WiFi or a worn-out coffee maker, HostAI doesn’t merely record these concerns—it converts them into actionable tasks and notifies your maintenance team.

Urgency tagging

HostAI intelligently prioritizes guest communications for you. It gauges the urgency of each message, distinguishing crucial reports like a bathroom leak from casual greetings such as “Just saying hi!” This feature effectively highlights critical issues, enabling you to intervene promptly when necessary while effortlessly managing less urgent interactions.

HostAI Urgency Tagging

Unified inbox

HostAI’s unified inbox feature consolidates all your communication channels—be it SMS, WhatsApp, OTA platforms, or even voice calls—into a single, organized dashboard. Whether it’s an urgent late check-in announcement or any other immediate concern, you’re equipped to respond swiftly, thanks to this centralized inbox.

VoIP integration

Integrate your current phone line or opt for a free HostAI business line to manage calls with the same ease as you do messages. This means every guest interaction gets the same level of attention while allowing you to prioritize messages for efficiency.

Listing audit

When you sign up, HostAI kicks things off with a thorough review of your listings. This initial audit checks for any missing details, ensuring the AI is fully equipped and prepared. This foundational step guarantees a smooth transition into automation from the get-go.


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This integration requires both a HostAI and a Lodgify subscription.

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