Outswitch Integration

Maximize your occupancy and profits with our Outswitch integration.

Outswitch Integration

Want to have full control over your vacation rental business performance? Our Outswitch integration is an ideal solution to help with your key business needs such as revenue and channel management.

Thanks to its dynamic pricing feature, you’ll be able to set your rates strategically and build a customized yield management strategy.

The Outswitch channel manager is synchronized with Lodgify via API so that rates and availabilities instantly update across all of your channels.

Set up the integration and let Lodgify and Outswitch boost your business performance.


This integration requires both Outswitch and Lodgify. Learn more.

Set your smart pricing strategy

The Outswitch dynamic pricing feature allows you to set an automatic variation of your rates based on seasonality, market demand and events to make sure you always maximize your profit.

outswitch integration

Monitor performance with custom reports

The devil is in the detail and with Outswitch, you’ll never miss any! Export advanced performance reports and start making informed business decisions. Monitor your business performance and stop relying on guesswork.

outswitch integrations

Instantly update booking details

Stop worrying about your calendars going out of sync. The Outswitch channel manager allows instant synchronization of rates, availabilities and bookings between Lodgify and your other external channels.

Outswitch integration

Reliable and easy set up

To connect Lodgify to your Outswitch account you just need to request access by contacting us. We will then set up the integration from our side and inform you about how to proceed. For more information, you can check out the step-by-step guide in our highly detailed Knowledge Base.


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