Wishbox Integration

Engage with your guests and elevate their experience, while generating more revenue.

Wishbox Integration

Wishbox is a guest experience management system which enables smooth operations from the instant a reservation comes in until the moment the guest checks out.

Wishbox fully syncs with Lodgify, allowing you to send smart confirmation emails and use the pre-check-in wizard where guests scan passports and sign documents before arrival. Your guests will be able to access Wishbox to see important information about your property, like your house manual or the WiFi code, as well as a customized guest guidebook where they can also view local services that might enhance their experience. Better yet, it’s all available in their native language.

Throughout the guest journey, you can upsell services such as transportation, late check-out, and activities to your visitors, accepting credit card payment in advance.   

Finally, you can auto-send your custom check-out instructions and optimize your online reputation using Wishbox’s review management system.  


This integration requires both Wishbox and Lodgify.

Save time by automating logistics and paperwork

Automating the coordination process will save you the hassle of all back-and-forth emails discussing logistics.

Whishbox integration

Generate more revenue from smart pre-arrival upsells

With Upsell by Wishbox, earn more revenue from your existing guests with little effort. Control the prices and define the payment method, with the option to auto-split income with your own service suppliers.

Whishbox integration

Elevate the guest experience

Wishbox enhances the guest experience you offer by simplifying communication and making it easy for guests to get the services they need.

Whishbox integration

How does the integration work?

Wishbox pulls all the information about rentals and reservations from Lodgify. After communicating with the guests and receiving the required information, Wishbox pushes back the information gathered into Lodgify so that you have all the details such as real guest email, arrival time etc. in one place.


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