Onboarding Services

Onboarding Services

When you purchase a subscription, we’ll kick off the onboarding process designed to help you
reach your most important goals, faster. We’re here to support you, every step of the way!

What's included in the free onboarding service?
Lodgify's onboarding services are here to support you so you can make the most of your subscription.

An assigned specialist will walk you through the set-up of your Lodgify account, help you get connected to OTAs or channels and give you technical advice to build a bookable website.

The process consists of 1-4 calls depending on the number of properties and the plan you have subscribed with.
How long do I have to wait to start the onboarding process?
This will depend on our team’s capacity. The estimated waiting time goes from 1-7 days. Please note that during high season and holiday periods, the waiting time can be longer.

If you’re in a rush, please inform your specialist as cancellations occur and we might be able to advance your call.
When is the Onboarding team available?
The Onboarding team works Monday through Thursday from 9am to 10pm UTC+1 and Fridays from 9am to 6pm UTC+1.
Is onboarding mandatory?
Onboarding is highly recommended, especially if you need to connect more than 1 property to channels or OTAs. We want to make sure that your connection process is as smooth as possible and this is what the specialist will help you achieve. Over 85% of our customers complete the onboarding process.
Is onboarding available in all languages?
We offer free onboarding for all plans and business sizes in English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, and Italian.
Does onboarding set up my account and properties?
The Onboarding specialist will assist you to import your properties from the channels, as well as offer training and advice on the features, to best set them up and use them afterward. However, you will be responsible for completing the properties and the website according to your needs.
I booked an Onboarding call but I need to reschedule or cancel... What do I do?
This is not a problem! We'll be happy to reschedule or cancel the meeting as long as you let us know about any changes 24 hours before. However, please note that if you inform us less than 24 hours from the meeting, you are subject to a charge of 25 USD.

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