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Airbnb is an excellent vacation rental property platform, but it does have its many competitors.

The Airbnb Competitors

Every industry does have some level of competition. The same applies to the vacation property industry. Airbnb, one of the more well-known websites, does have its fair share of competition that offers vacation rentals all over the world. There is no doubt that there is a huge market for this type of property, and for this reason, the competition in this sector is constantly growing. While in the past, the traditional form of accommodation for those who want to travel was hotels, the new trend is for other more personal and exciting types of properties.

Airbnb and HomeAway Instead of Hotels

Both HomeAway and Airbnb have a large number of users, both in regards to guests and hosts. They equally provide opportunities for a guest to book a vacation rental in many parts of the world. What these two vacation platforms have to offer gives a chance for other types of accommodation, aside from hotels. You could find our resource page focusing on the comparison between HomeAway and Airbnb very useful.

Proprietors are welcomed on both sites, and both platforms are designed for easy navigation and are also equally as easy for the guest and the host to use.

Pricing Options

HomeAway has decided to go with two simple pricing options. Owners can choose to sign up for a yearly subscription or they can use the pay-per-booking option. What Airbnb charges, is a percentage for their host service fees. For those hosts that want to compete to win business from the hotel activity, using a platform like these is a great way to go.

Guest Fees

Both of these vacation property sites have also decided to charge a small guest fee as well. Usually in the form of a percentage of the reservation amount.


Airbnb and HomeAway have a different approach when it comes to offering extra peace of mind. Airbnb seems to focus on the host with their Airbnb Host Guarantee program. This offers extra protection against some forms of damage. HomeAway caters to the guests, however, with their Book With Confidence Guarantee.

VRBO or Airbnb

VRBO is part of the HomeAway group of vacation rental websites. Much of what HomeAway has to offer can also be found on VRBO. This one is a stiff rival for Airbnb. What makes VRBO stand out for many is they have a large selection of properties that cater to family vacationing needs. They also list properties that are appropriate for pets. Though that’s not to say that Airbnb does not have similar properties listed.

Airbnb or Wimdu

For most travelers, when it comes to their vacation accommodation needs, Airbnb is the household word. This is the site that many go to when they want to look beyond staying at hotels and hostels when they travel. They have a large selection of different types of accommodation. This makes it appealing for guests looking for a place to stay. The accommodation they have to offer can range from shared rooms to houses, apartments, and even villas, castles or treehouses.

For those who are looking to go on a European trip and want to book their accommodation property, many guests will turn to Wimdu. This is the leading website for a lot of European countries. For those who want to be in the hub of the city, Wimdu has a large selection of city apartments to choose from. They do not just keep to this one form of rental however, as there are other choices like farmhouses or chalets, for example. They also cater to renting properties throughout 100+ other countries.

Neither of these sites charges a host for creating a listing. They both will charge a fee once the property has been booked. This fee is then deducted from the final payment that Airbnb or Wimdu sends to the host. The amount of the fee will vary for either site, length of stay and property reservation total.

Perfect Places or Airbnb

Perfect Places is just one of the many smaller sites that are popping up on the internet to provide vacation property services for those guests who do not want to stay in a hotel. Although they may be considered to be smaller or not as well-known, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have many property listings offering great properties for rent. The interface of Perfect Places is very different to Airbnb, so perhaps users don’t feel that they are getting the same experience. The payment option for owners is a little different at Perfect Places. They charge a flat rate of 3% and even offer a first-time trial offer. Airbnb is charging a percentage based on the price of each property.

The vacation rental market is huge and constantly expanding, but is also one that is in clear competition with the hotel sector.