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Find the relevant Airbnb contact telephone numbers here.

How to Contact Airbnb by telephone:

Contacting Airbnb by telephone is a means of getting in touch with the travel company. Other options include emailing or sending queries and complaints via email. If you want to speak directly with a representative of the company, calling them might just be the best choice. Yet in most cases, when it comes to questions regarding Airbnb, many of the answers guests are looking for can be found on Airbnb contact us page or Airbnb forums.

Airbnb Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for specific assistance, then rather calling the head office number, you can call the Airbnb Customer Service department directly. This would be the best resource for any queries or concerns that owners may have who are using the platform to rent out their property, or for guests that are looking for a vacation rental.

Airbnb Phone Number: 1-855-424-7262

For UK callers: 020 33 181 111

Airbnb Corporate Phone Number

Airbnb is an online platform. It offers an online community marketplace for property owners, which allows them to become Airbnb hosts. Homeowners can list their rental properties on the Airbnb website. It also allows travelers who want to travel to search and book the properties they are interested in renting. Airbnb has more than 6,000,000 properties listed across the world.

The Airbnb headquarters are located at 888 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California 94103

Head Office Phone Number: 1-415-800-5959

Airbnb Help Phone Number

Although the Airbnb platform is really easy to use for both property owners to list their properties and travelers who want to reserve, there can, on occasion, be some technical difficulties with using the site that you might need help with. Rather than having to go through the headquarters to do this, there is a designated number that you can call for assistance.

Technical Support: 1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)

Tips for Calling Airbnb Contact Phone Number

  • Check out the time differences from where you are calling from to their office that you want to reach. The hours of operation may differ from region to region.
  • Airbnb is a very busy enterprise, so you may have some wait time before you actually get to speak to a representative. Other customers have commented that they’ve experienced a 7-12 minute wait to speak with an employee.
  • Make sure you have any documentation to hand that you may need to rely on, especially if it is relevant to your booking query. This will help speed up the process when speaking to a representative.
  • Before actually calling the company, you may want to check out the Airbnb help center on the site, as it may provide you with the answers that you need without having to make a telephone call.
  • You may also want to check out some of the reviews that have been posted regarding contact with this owner, as some of the answers you may be looking for may be able to be found there.
  • If the questions you have are regarding a host, then you might find what you are looking for on their profile.