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When you become a host on the Airbnb website, you are taking some of the risks out of being a vacation rental owner who wants to rent.

What is the Airbnb Host Guarantee?

Allowing guests to stay in your vacation rental does come with some risks. Owners who are using the vacation property platform are discovering that some of these risks can be greatly reduced. This is done using the Airbnb Host Guarantee.

This is an Airbnb program that can help with the protection against damages, and one of the biggest risks that come with having a vacation business. For those who want to become a host on Airbnb, it means that they will be automatically covered with this free program. It consists of USD $1,000,000 worth of protection, giving every proprietor better peace of mind.

For the most part, travelers that use the Airbnb platform to check out vacation rental property are responsible people. This, in itself, reduces the property damage risk, but there can always be an exception. This is exactly the reason why Airbnb has put the host guarantee in place.

Owners are always on the lookout for the best resources to cover their property to help reduce the costs of damage. This means making sure they have the proper insurance in place for their vacation rental property.

What Does The Host Guarantee Cover?

It doesn’t matter where an owner may be renting from; the host guarantee is in effect. What is important to realize is that hosts must still be sure that they have their regular insurance in place. The protection program that Airbnb is offering is to be used in addition to regular property insurance. There are detailed rules and regulations as to what this extra insurance will cover. It is up to the hosts to independently check these out so they have a clear understanding.

In most cases, the owner will stipulate the house rules for any traveler that will be using their home. These rules help to reduce the amount of damage that could take place. For the most part, guests will abide by these rules. There can, however, be some circumstances where damage has innocently occurred.

What Is Not Covered With The Host Guarantee?

Any proprietor who is going to put a claim in under this program has to be aware that there are some specifics that are not covered. It does not protect cash, securities, or pets. It is not applicable to those areas that are shared or are classed as common areas. Nor does it offer personal liability coverage. This is why it is important that when hosts are going to be renting out to a traveler that they make sure they have proper insurance that will cover these issues.

Responsible Protection

Every host wants to be sure that their accommodation is appealing to a guest. For this reason, they will use artwork, for example, to create a nice appearance. The best step to take here is not to use expensive artwork for decoration purposes. If there are expensive pieces of art in the rental home, then it might be a good idea to remove them and replace them with less valuable ones. The host guarantee may offer some limited protection for artwork, along with collectibles and jewellery. These again are items that can be easily removed before a traveler arrives to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Hassle-Free Claim

If an owner has to make a claim to activate the host guarantee as a result of hosting to a traveler where damage has occurred, the process is not difficult.

First, if it appears to be an emergency, the proper authorities should be contacted first. Then, following this, the host should immediately contact the customer service department.

In some cases, rather than a host having to submit a claim, they can negotiate with a guest for a settlement. In this case, no further action needs to be taken.

The timing for submitting a claim is important. It has to be done no later than fourteen days after the guest has checked out of the building. Or, before the next customer is going to check in, whichever happens, to take place first.

Once the claim has been submitted then Airbnb personnel will work with the host to ensure the payment process is carried out efficiently.