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What is the Airbnb house rules template for?

Airbnb House Rules provide the visitor with rules on what they can and cannot do inside and outside the property. It ensures that guests follow what is expected of them and are aware of rules prior to showing up or upon arrival.

House rules normally include the following: smoking, drinking, pets, visitors, parts of the house that are off-limits and more. Whatever you feel that the visitor is not able to do or what they should know about must be included in the Airbnb house rules and posted with the listing.

Download our Airbnb house rules template example

We’ve created house rules for your Airbnb rental and made it easier by putting together a template. We have covered all the essential rules, as well as extras that are also useful:

  • General requirements
  • Noise and the Neighborhood
  • Visitors
  • Functions
  • Parking
  • Garbage and Recycling
  • Security
  • Hot Tub / Swimming Pool
  • Balcony and Deck Areas
  • Barbecue
  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Damages and Breakages
  • Check-out Arrangements
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Compliance

With this template, you can customize it by going through the checklist and adding or taking away what you feel is important for your rental property. Implementing your rules is vital so guests know how they must behave and treat the property. With this Airbnb house rules template, guests cannot argue that they didn’t know they couldn’t do something as they would have read the house rules prior to or upon arrival. This protects you as a homeowner, as you have laid out your rules and expectations.

What else to include in your Airbnb house rules template

There are so many other things that can be included in the Airbnb house rules template, so consider how you expect a guest to act inside your property and what you would not like them to do at all.

Many homeowners implement their rules on drinking, security deposit, shoes on or off and areas in the home where they don’t want visitors to use or enter. Some even set rules on illegal downloading, parties, WIFI, cable use and more. The list can go on, but whatever you feel is essential for guests to obey should be added.

The additions that you make to the Airbnb house rules are important, as this is what is going to determine not only what the guest does, but also what they are expected of doing while they are there. Guests are able to see these rules when they book the room and some may enjoy the fact that the rental is smoke-free.

Every guest is different, but renting a property to someone you don’t know means that you have to ensure that your property is taken care of and that you have respectful visitors coming and going from it.

Your house rules can be extended or shortened as much as you like. It can also be short and simple too. Some homeowners enjoy creating an extra set of rules, such as wipe your feet before entering the property or keep your shoes outside. Others have a section full of do’s and don’ts.

Remember that guests will see the house rules on your Airbnb listing. Guests must read and comply with the house rules before requesting to stay in your vacation rental. Once the reservation has been confirmed, guests are sent the house rules along with the booking confirmation via e-mail, serving as a reminder on how they should behave and what is expected of them.