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Posting top quality Airbnb photos to show off your vacation rental property will help attract more bookings.

Tips to Help You with Airbnb Photos

As a host using this vacation rental platform, you will have access to a lot of tools to help lead your property business to success. One resource you will want to rely on is the information about Airbnb photographer service. This will help make every photo in presenting your property well, helping guests who are going to book their travel accommodation online know exactly what to expect.

Your Listing

The most important task you have to do on Airbnb is to create your listing, and you certainly need good photos to go along with this. The old cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words” really holds true in the vacation rental business. The photos that you put on your property listing are usually the first thing that will catch any potential guest’s eye. Of course, the price you are asking for the rental is also important. But it is the photos that really depict what guests can expect for the money they will be paying. It doesn’t matter whether it is a room, apartment, house or any other type of rental, it must show well in your photographs.

When Taking Your Photos

It may be that you don’t want to hire a professional photographer to take the rental accommodation photos for you, which is fine. But, if you are going to do this yourself, then there are few things you will want to keep in mind.

How Many Photos

While you don’t want to go overboard with the number of photos you are going to place on your listing, you do want to have more than one. Depending on the property, you may want to have at least one of each of the rooms that guests will be using. An outdoor image is also great, but make sure the property has good curb appeal.

You really want to capitalize on the best features of your rental property so you can use them as a selling feature when enticing people to book. The kitchen is always of great importance. If there is plenty of space for the kids both indoors and outdoors, this may be an additional feature that you want to capture in your photos.


You don’t need expensive or high-powered camera equipment to produce a good photo that will work well on the Airbnb platform. If you have a quality cell phone that allows you to take reasonably good photos, then this is all you will need.

Avoid the Major Image Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes that many hosts make when obtaining an image is the size. They figure because they only have a limited size on the Airbnb dashboard to use then the pictures must be small. The proper approach is to take photos no smaller than 1024×683 pixels. The resolution will be much better and you can always downsize them with some simple software if needed.

Also, avoid the mistake of taking the photos in the vertical mode. They don’t fit into the space as nicely as photos in the landscape format do. Landscape format allows the viewers to achieve a better sense of what the property has to offer and its space.

Prepare the Rental Space

Before taking any photos of your rental property, you’ll want to stage it properly. This begins with first making sure it is clean, and that it has been de-cluttered and tidied.

Proper Lighting

Something else to keep in mind is that any image that is taken during the natural light of day will showcase much better on Airbnb. It also indicates to the guest that there is plenty of natural light for the rental, which most guests will find appealing.

On the website itself, there is a lot of useful information about Airbnb photos that produce good results for hosts. Take the time to check this out. Also, if you visit the Blog, you may find additional hints that will help you.

Uploading and Positioning

As a host, once you have gathered all of your photos your next task is to upload them to the listings you are creating on the Airbnb site. It is not hard to upload the p but do take the time to put them in the proper sequence so they create a nice flow and present well.