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Property owners who want to use Airbnb’s vacation rental services have the choice of three options for Airbnb cancellations. Find out about them here.

Airbnb Cancellations Policy: Which Policy Should I Choose?

Airbnb has worked extensively on their policies and they work well for both owners and guests. They also realize that there have to be some choices available for being able to handle cancellations effectively. In order to accommodate this, the company has designed three types of Airbnb cancellation policy to help those hosts that need to deal with a rental booking that will no longer take place.

The Airbnb Strict and Super Strict Cancellation Policies

This policy can only be used by invitation only on behalf of Airbnb. It allows for an up to 50% refund of money paid for a reservation that is being canceled, up until one week, 30 days or 60 days before arrival. The compensation does not include fees.

With the strict policy, the accommodation costs are only semi-refundable. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Airbnb must receive notice at least one week (Strict policy), 30 full days (Super strict 30) or 60 full days (Super strict 60) before check-in.
  • The official cancellation only takes place when the button has been activated on the guest confirmation page.
  • Any disputes are mediated by Airbnb and they make the final decision about refunds.

If there has been no check-in, the amount paid for the cleaning fee will be repayable. There may be some exceptions to these rules that may be applicable to the Terms of Service, or the Guest Refund Policy, or other possible events.

Under the Airbnb Strict Cancellation Policy, there is also another category for long term cancellation policies which has additional rules and criteria. For example, if a long-term stay is canceled, the first-month payment will not be returned. As with other Airbnb cancellation policies, cleaning fees will be returned to the guest but service fees are also non-refundable.

The Airbnb Moderate Cancellation Policy

Owners can choose to use this cancellation policy for their rental. It is applicable to cancellations that are five days before check-in which allows for a full refund minus fees. The remainder of the rules and criteria for the moderate cancellation policy are the same as for the Strict Policy.

The Airbnb Flexible Cancellation Policy

The flexible cancellation policy allows hosts to be the most lenient when it comes to guest cancellation of their vacation rental bookings. If guests cancel one day before their arrival, they will be given full compensation with the exception of fees. Again, the rest of the rules are the same as those outlined for the Strict cancellation option.

Easy Access to Cancellation Policies

Guests using this website will be able to clearly see which cancellation policy the host is applying to their rental property in the listing. For guests that want to reject their reservation, the process to do so is simple. They just need to go to their travel plan section and then choose the reservation they want to remove then click on the “Cancel” button assigned to it.

Owners Can Track Guest Cancellations

Whenever a guest puts in a request, the host will be able to see how many reservations that particular guest has canceled in the last twelve months. This can be a good way to vet potential guests before accepting a booking.

Choosing the Best Cancellations Policy

Which of these systems is going to be the best for you as a host is going to depend on some specific circumstances. If your property is in high demand, then you most likely will find that the Flexible or Moderate plan will suit you the best. You will have to determine if your chosen plan will have any bearing when it comes to guests deciding to reserve your property. In some cases, some of the guests may not feel comfortable with the Strict policy. Usually, guests don’t book a property with the thought of having to take a raincheck but do want to have some options available to them just in case. This is why Airbnb has provided hosts with several options so they can choose the one that feel is most applicable to them.