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Any vacation property owner can do good rental business and achieve bookings, but becoming an Airbnb Superhost really can scale up their income and ratings.

Great Reasons for Becoming an Airbnb Superhost

For hosts who want a great opportunity to increase the profitability of their rental business, one of the best resources that they can utilize is the Airbnb vacation property rental website. For those who strive to become a great Airbnb host, the income opportunities for property rentals can escalate to another level.

Hosting property on the site allows for much more exposure to potential customers who are looking for the ideal vacation property. For anyone who makes the efforts to become a Superhost, it’s not just about the status or gathering great feedback. It’s about the additional rental opportunities it brings.

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

The criteria to become one of these is not all that difficult. Owners really need to put in all the effort that is necessary to rent out their property 10 times during a one-year period. With all the tools that are available for advertising on this site, this is not a difficult goal to reach. The program is becoming so popular that a customer who is now looking for a listing of interest will also look for the Superhost badge.

Response Rate

Another area that those who are advertising properties on the website have to focus on is response rate. It is very important that owners respond quickly and efficiently to travelers who are asking questions or who want more information. Those that have earned the Superhost title have at least a 90% response rate (though often it’s more!). People who are about to travel and are interested in a listing want a quick response. They want to make sure their accommodation plans are tended to before leaving for vacation.

The Reviews Count for a Superhost

In order to qualify as one, hosts need to have good Airbnb reviews. The criteria is 80% of their feedback giving them five-star ratings. It all begins with providing interesting and accurate listings, and then fulfilling the expectations of the guests who book the property. This way it is far more likely that the guests will post excellent feedback and give it the maximum rating.

A Superhost is Recognized for Commitment

While guests that are using the site enjoy looking at the listings they are also very concerned about the commitments that owners are prepared to make. While being on this site is easy, it also demands an ongoing commitment to each and every listing that a host has posted. It also requires follow-up communication with any guest that is interested in the property.

The Superhost Badge

The status of Airbnb Superhost is accredited visibly on the listing for hosts who have earned it. They are able to showcase the Superhost badge at the bottom of each of their listings. Customers are immediately attracted to this because it gives owners a very good reputation. It also gives those that are named as a Superhost a greater opportunity to rent their vacation properties.

A Great Incentive

Hosting on Airbnb is a great experience for any vacation property owner. Having the opportunity to increase their host reputation to becoming a Superhost offers a great incentive. It gives the host some direction as to what will make their properties stand out more. It also helps them to realize what commitments are needed in the vacation rental business.

It also builds confidence in the traveler who is going to check out the Airbnb listings because they get to see how the owners here are supported and encouraged. It gives credibility to the Airbnb platform as the “go to” place for any vacationer that wants the great choices in vacation property rentals.