Vacation Rental Guide / Selecting a Channel Manager / How To Choose a Channel Manager System

A channel manager system will increase your profits through more efficient booking. You will be able to manage your hotel room availability reliably from any device, and your guests will be able to make a reservation from their mobile devices or on your site.

Channel Manager System

When you use a channel manager system, you enable your business to distribute your availability information to all of your OTAs. You also lessen the likelihood of over-booking. A channel manager will do this automatically.

One of the most crucial elements in vacation rentals and hotels is updated rates and availability. Your website software goes a long way to keeping track of booking, prices, and availability, but when you contract with online travel agencies, you will need an interface between their software and your own. This is where a channel manager system is crucial.

What Should a Channel Manager System Have?

A channel manager system provides essential services to the hotel industry. There is a wide selection of systems available, so you need to know what to look for. This will help your bottom line, increasing revenue and keeping your rental online and available for bookings. Some features to look for with a channel manager system are:

  • Automatic updating
  • Updating on the channel and calendar
  • Accessible from various devices
  • Reach more markets
  • Integration with current PMS

Automatic Updating

Multiple channels can, and should, work smoothly together, interfacing with your website software. Every time a guest makes a reservation, it is immediately sent to all of your channels for real-time updating.

Your channel manager will have access to all of your rentals, and will synchronize availability, prices, and fees to each of your OTAs, as well as back to your site.

In addition, if someone makes a reservation or cancellation on your site, it’s automatically picked up and your OTAs are updated. If you offer a special, you just enter the information on your site. The channels will send it to the OTAs without you having to do anything else. This type is crucial with vacation rentals especially, since seasonal prices often apply.

Channel and Calendar Updates

Your web builder software should have a calendar. This is a crucial feature for guests planning their trip, as they can visualize their booking.

The best channel manager system will automatically synchronize your calendars. If a guest makes a booking at one of your hotels using a travel agent, your calendars on every OTA and on your site should all be updated immediately.


Almost 60% of travelers will book from their mobile devices. That’s why it must be adaptable to handheld mobile devices. Part of this phenomenon is due to popularity of social media.

Your site is probably already adaptable to mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. In addition, much of your marketing utilizes sites most frequently accessed with handhelds. Your management system should also offer accessibility.

Guests who reserve online expect instant access to information about the property. Any place that has WiFi can yield bookings, and the right solution can provide access.

Reach More Markets

By contracting with OTAs, you can reach more markets than you ever imagined. This will make your hotel or bed and breakfast available to demographics that would otherwise never be aware of your business. A channel management system will keep those OTAs updated.

Integrates with Software

Management systems are built to integrate with your hotel software. Any reservations taken on your site will immediately be sent to OTAs, and vice-versa. Your PMS, calendars, and payment processing should interact smoothly without the purchase of any additional products like hardware.

Hotel managing has never been easier. So many of the tasks formerly done manually are now automated. A management system for your various channels ensures fewer mistakes and can increase guest satisfaction. The result is improved profits, as a greater percentage of the property remains available for booking.