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The FlipKey Customer Support section helps the user deal with their listing queries in the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions). As the name suggests, these are questions that are often asked by FlipKey owners and travelers alike. These ready-made answers provide users with an easy option to solve most people queries with a few clicks of a button.

FlipKey Customer Service: How Can We Help You?

When you click on Customer Support, this question will pop up right in front of you. If the query you have has not already been answered in the given FAQs, you can type your question in this column, and search it anywhere on the site. This column allows you to search an answer to an unlisted query.

Accessing the Owner Help Site

Since FlipKey’s support section is same for both travelers and rentals owners, it also supports a separate column of FAQs written exclusively for the latter. When you click on Owner Help Site, you will come across a long list of the most commonly asked questions regarding rental listings.

Popular Questions from Travelers

A lot of travelers can solve their common queries by going through the questions and answers given in the Popular Questions section. Let’s take a look at what some of these are.

Booking Confirmation and Cancellation

On the FlipKey website, a traveler’s booking request is not confirmed until the rental manager or homeowner has accepted or declined the offer. It’s advised that guests do not plan any travel (such as flights, etc.) until the booking request has been accepted by the host. Check out FlipKey’s booking request Help Center page for more advice regarding this topic.

Booking Cancellation

There can be multiple reasons for canceling a booking, but users are advised to check out their FlipKey host’s policies before canceling. You can get more details about booking cancellation from the Help Center.

Check-in Details and Arrival details

When your bookings are confirmed, you can get all details about them by entering your booking ID in “Manage your holiday booking”. This will give you details about arrival date, check-in time, etc. For more details you can check the arrival and check-in queries at the Help Center.

Booking in Disaster Struck Area

If your selected spot, unfortunately, turns out to be a disaster or hurricane struck area, you should immediately contact the host to get more details. Go to Help Center for more details on booking in hurricane affected areas.

Inability to Connect with Owner
If you are having trouble connecting with the property owner soon before your arrival, or at the time of arrival, you can always contact Flipkey through phone or email. The Help Center can offer you more solutions to problems contacting the owner, such as checking each review to see if it has happened with other guests before.

Money Back

If the homeowner has not accepted your  request, this means they have also not taken any money from you. The amount paid while making the request is held by the bank until the time it has not been accepted by the host. For more details, you can take a look at this article about declined bookings and money back details.

Property Details

If you are interested in finding out more about the property you are taking or to get an idea about what your vacation will be like, you can go through the Flipkey published reviews. You might also contact the owner if it is necessary. For more details, go to the information on property section.

View and Manage Bookings

All the crucial details of your booking will be included in manage my holiday bookings Window. To know more about viewing and organizing bookings you can refer to the Help Center on FlipKey.

Payment Queries

Once you have selected the property you would like to rent, you need to make a request, if your request is accepted, you can then make the payments. More about booking payments can be found in the Help Center.

TripAdvisor Payment Protect

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