Vacation Rental Guide / Holidaylettings Login

For those who are interested in booking accommodation for their holidays, they can see what HolidayLettings has to offer by using their login details as mentioned below.

Making Use of the HolidayLettings Login

HolidayLettings is a vacation rental website that allows hosts to list their properties so they can be exposed to travelers who are looking for rental accommodation.

HolidayLettings Login for Property Owners

The first step for property owners who have rental accommodation that they want to list on the site is set up an account with HolidayLettings. Following this, they can then use the HolidayLettings login feature to access the site.

To log in, in the first step is to click on the sign in link at the top right-hand corner of the HolidayLettings website. Here there will be a choice for owners/managers or for travelers. As a property rental owner, you will want to choose the option for owners. Once you do this, the login screen will appear.

The HolidayLettings Login Screen

On the login screen, you will have to enter some information. First, you need to enter your email address and the password that you indicated in your registration form. Make sure that when you are entering these in your account information, you make a note of both the email address you are using and the password. If you have forgotten this information, then the website will need to send instructions to your email address to help you retrieve your information.

Also, while on this screen, you will be able to check off whether you want the site to remember your login information for the future. You have access to your account whenever you like, so this may be convenient for you by not having to enter the information to log on every time. Though it is not recommended for shared computer users.

List Your Home Tab

When you are on the login page, you will also find that there is a link there that says list your home. You can access this without even having to login. If you do this, it will take you to another screen that will still ask you for some additional information like your first and last name. It will also ask for your telephone number along with your email address and password.

In fact, what you have landed on here is the registration form because you did not enter your original login information. If you have already registered, then go back to the login form and just enter the required information there. The login information that you provide is what is going to give you access to the site.

You’ll want to get your holiday letting listed as quickly as possible as there are some great opportunities for it to be exposed to potential guests.

Travelers access sites like during the holiday season especially because they want to find their accommodation in the most convenient manner. They usually like to book well in advance, and are unlikely to leave it to the day before.

You really will want to take advantage of the holiday season by listing your rental on HolidayLettings. Even if you only rent your property short-term by the day, this is a really useful platform to use for your listings.

HolidayLettings Login for Guests

The login for guests on the HolidayLettings site is a little different. Seeing as this is part of the TripAdvisor platform, you can use the login you use for TripAdvisor if you wish to do so. You also have the option to login through your Facebook Account. If you don’t have a TripAdvisor account, here on this login page you can take the opportunity to open one. Again, if you forgot your login details for TripAdvisor, you can ask for their assistance in retrieving it.