Vacation Rental Guide / Go Online For Your Vacation Rent Payment

Any owner can now go online to receive a vacation rental payment. Your booking system probably already has a very efficient payment service in which each guest can get information about paying their rent, either by the night or for the duration of their trip. By using an online service that processes credit card payments, along with PayPal and other payment methods, your vacation rentals will be accessible to a wider group of guests and available to book at a moment’s notice.

Take Vacation Rent Payment Online

Hotel bookings and payment methods have little resemblance to the way business was run even 50 years ago. In the past, a traveler wanting to make reservations for a hotel would have to call 1-800 directory assistance to get the toll-free number for a hotel chain or use phone numbers they saw on advertisements and promotional materials.

It was much harder, and more expensive, for single-owner hotels and beds and breakfasts to get the visibility to bring in guests from far-flung locations. Then, the renter would have to send a paper check through the mail in order to reserve their room. A confirmation would arrive a few days later in return mail.

Now, it is virtually impossible to reserve a home without a credit card. With the growth of the internet, the majority of potential guests now use that immediately responsive platform to plan their entire vacation. It is only a natural progression to take card payments online.

Rental Payment

As Americans take to the road for their travels, they typically will book their entire trip using their mobile phones. Each online rental payment will be paid with a credit card. Therefore, a host must supply secure and fast payment options that also offer immediate confirmation of that payment.

Travelers who do not pay with a credit card will often do so with their debit card. In fact, predictions are that eight out of ten Americans paid for their vacations with their savings last year. Give your guests the tools they need to quickly administer their rent payments for staying at your home – including a rental payment agreement.

Taking payments online will streamline the entire process. Your visitors will be able to make their payments on time, with immediate confirmation of having done so. It also reduces the chances of theft and fraudulent activity. This can also increase your business cash flow because of the quick turnaround on payments.

Increase Productivity with the Right Systems

Having an online system simplifies the payment process, allowing travelers to schedule future payments for their stay. Guest detail is saved only as directed and allowed in compliance with PCI and SSL.

Online payment also has a significant effect in reducing the amount of paperwork necessary to run your hotel or inn. While your rental payment system can still take manual payments or cash, the automated function of online payments is not only fast, it is more accurate. If a traveler accidentally enters incorrect credit card numbers, the software will immediately recognize the problem.

Using RentPayment

There is also the option to use RentPayment online. It is, by far, the most efficient way to keep your vacation home booked to capacity. In addition, most guests expect to be able to pay their property rent using online services. This may even include accessing their bank account to receive either a one-time draft or scheduling a regular draft.

RentPayment also should provide excellent customer service. As the client, you want your visitors to see each fee displayed when they make a booking. This helps to avoid rude surprises upon check-in and helps to keep them happy, regardless of the number of days they plan to stay.

Fee structures for RentPayment are affordable, providing a smooth transition to your managing your payments. Even better, you can place all of your properties in one place, making management of each property much more efficient.

Your guests will also want to know that the payment they make on their vacation rental is secure. RentPayment has a Level One PCI rating. This means that payments are protected by the best security methods available. Personal Rentpayment login details and data are secure, no matter how many days visitors are staying at your property.

Vacation Rental Payment Processing Help

Hotel owners must opt for vacation rental payment processing that interfaces properly with their website and existing software. In addition, it should enable them to take payment from several different sources.

You want to find a way for people to make a vacation rent payment with an e-check, debit or credit card, or in cash in person. But, just as importantly, they should be able to make their reservation and payment from various sources.

Every year, over 145 million reservations are made online. Much of this is done on PCs, but increasingly popular are mobile phones and other handheld devices. In fact, the use of mobile devices to book a property increased to over 50% in 2016, alone.

Your payment processing should be able to verify each individual purchase and deliver SSL coverage for payments. With this in mind, it is important to look for a program that is PCI compliant.

Most customers prefer to pay for their vacation with credit cards. It is secure and immediate and gives your hotel or bed and breakfast a competitive edge in the hospitality business.