What are Vacation rental locks for?

There are many different solutions out there for vacation rental locks that you can obtain. It is all about choosing the one that is the most suitable for your business and can depend on many factors. For example, whether or not the check-ins and outs are going to be in-person or not. There are many ways that a vacation rental owner is able to automate this locking process and a big part of being able to do this is through choosing the right vacation rental lock. A good lock system can make all the difference to the smooth running of your vacation rental business.

Types of vacation rental locks

A lockbox is one of the most popular choices for owners who want to automate their vacation rental. For those that own vacation rentals, lockboxes provide them with a way to ensure that those renting can come and go as they please. Not only do they allow the user to come and go as they please, so they can check in or out at their leisure, but it is also an inexpensive option for locking the rental.

lock box for vacation rental

A lockbox is what holds the keys inside it. The visitors would just need to know where the box is (some owners like to place it out of sight), as well as the combination to get in and how to use the box. They are usually not complicated to work out. Guests can then return the keys to the lockbox when it’s time to check-out. It is easy, efficient and allows the owner of the rental to change the code in between renters.

A smart lock might be the best option

Smart locks are becoming a big hit in the world today. Instead of having to remember codes or fumble with keys, the smart door lock can unlock the door using a verified cell phone signal. This provides the lock with a way to let an authorized person into the property and keep those who are not out.

vacation rental locks - smart locks

Don’t worry though, these smart door locks also have keypads and keyed entries which allows anyone to go inside when they have either of these two things on hand. There are even ways that a person can speak the PIN to get into the home to the lock and it will open depending on the voice. Technology has advanced a lot in recent years, and so should those rental properties.

Keyless entry saves time and reduces risks

By having keyless entry into the home, this not only saves everyone time but it also minimizes the risk of guests losing keys or making copies of them, and even prevents unauthorized entry to the property. This is an easier, streamlined process that only allows approved guests to enter the home.

You also do not have to worry about sending keys out to guests and then worry about them becoming lost in the mail or having the guest lose them while they’re visiting. Keyless entry eliminates a lot of risks from the equation.

Keypad locks are a great alternative

Keypad locks are a great alternative to regular keyed locks. While many of the pads still provide the user with key entry, they mainly run on the keypad and the code to get into the home. Not only that but when you have a keypad lock, the door will automatically lock upon departure, since it is just the pad which keeps the door secure.

vacation rental locks - keypad locks

You can even put these locks on a schedule to lock and unlock, which makes them even more appealing to those that have properties with people coming and going. They’re durable, secure and extremely efficient for guests and property owners alike.


You want to choose the lock system that works for you. Each type has its pros and cons, but when you weigh them up, you will find the option that suits your business best. It’s important to choose what works for you and what you feel is the safest way to provide a guest entry into the vacation rental property, without having them fumble with keys.