Property management companies are turning to RentPayment as a solution for collecting property rent from their tenants. The hospitality industry, as well, is looking to the use of online bill paying for the purpose of accepting payments through online portals. Vacation rentals profit a great deal by using rent payment software. The logistics of using a portal like RentPayment are simple. Your residents will that with a click or two, they can pay their rent with a credit card or debit card, check out their rental payment agreement and never make a late payment again.

RentPayment Login Information

Follow these steps to sign in to your owner/manager Rentpayment account.

1. Navigate to the Rentpayment Property Managers Login page.
2.Enter your email address.
3. Enter the password you chose when you signed up to the Rentapyment login page.
4. After entering your details, click on ‘Sign in’ or press enter on the keyboard.

RentPayment login is as simple as login for any other site. Your office should keep the information handy to answer questions and help residents through the process the first time.

As with any other sign-in process, the residents should choose a password that nobody else could guess. That is probably the trickiest part of the RentPayment login process.

They will choose a username and password, and they are in! The next step will be to enter their credit card information. This can be saved for later rent payment for the same property.

With most payment portals, the resident can sign in and choose to repeat the payment on a regular basis. Tenants who do this are confident in the fact that their landlords will be receiving a paycheck regularly and that their finances are under control. The rent payment will then be charged to their card on the same day every month.

This type of automatic payment is ideal for property management. It reduces paperwork and puts money in the bank account quickly.

RentPayment Login Maintenance

Maintenance of the login page is automatic, and handled by the software. Your residents’ passwords and in some cases, their usernames, will be saved, along with the credit card information. All they will have to do is sign in any time that is convenient for them, and make their rent payment in the portal.

If they elect to have the funds automatically paid, they will receive a notice that the payment is about to be taken. One click, and the payment is completed, and you have your money.

Money from credit cards reaches your account up to seven days sooner than money from a paper check will. This gives you operating funds sooner, ultimately helping your bottom line.

Responsive Login

Your RentPayment software should be responsive to every type of online device. With a website design that automatically resizes itself to fit every screen being viewed, you are more likely to see successful resident login for the purpose of paying rent.

When it comes to shopping, for instance, 45% of shopping is the result of mobile use. Shoppers look through ads using their mobile phones or tablets, and make their purchases accordingly. If you look at the market of consumers under the age of 25, that percentage jumps to 57%.

What does this mean for landlords? It means that by providing an online rental payment portal with an intuitive login and adequate information, you are more likely to see an increase in on-time rent payments.

Maintenance of your records and management of payments will not be as overwhelming or time-consuming. Often, it takes one click to view the details of who has paid and who has not. With a payment portal that adapts to mobiles, you have access to the fastest computing services for rent payment.

Recovery of RentPayment Login Information

Your RentPayment software should have a built-in recovery for login information. There should also be good customer service support for those occasions when something goes wrong.

Apartment management should be able to access some of the information without learning specifics, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Recovery is automated. The resident will be able to check whether or not they have forgotten their password, then communicate with the software to create a new one.

With intuitive RentPayment login and secure payment options, online rental payment is a natural choice. Property managers and vacation rental owners can all benefit from organized and reliable rental payment options.