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What is a Vacation Rental App?

A vacation rental app not only helps businesses advertise their rentals, but they help those searching for short term vacation rentals to find the right ones. The vacation home rental apps can be downloaded right to your smartphone, which allows the person to find the rental while they’re on the go, or even right from home sitting on their couch. There are many types of vacation rental apps that can be used, depending on the needs that you have for your rental.

Types of vacation rental apps

Understanding what is offered with these mobile apps and the rental property that you have is the best thing that can be done. Once you know what is out there and how they can help you, you will be more efficient and effective in the way you run your business.

A vacation rental app can help to manage your business

Vacation rental apps help you reach a larger audience in a shorter amount of time than with other types of advertisements for the outside world. Expand your reach and grab the attention of more target guests with ease using different applications. There are many types of vacation rental apps out there that can be used depending on the need that the person has. Each one helps vacation rental businesses to run more successfully in different ways.

The most common types of vacation rental apps include:

A vacation rental app to manage your website and listing bookings

If you need an app to help you manage guests who coming and going, while also giving them more options and a way to book right from their phone, then there suitable mobile apps for this.

They allow you to manage your website and listing bookings in one place that can be taken with you on the go. Additionally, it can be accessed and booked by visitors on their own phones. With everything from finding visitors to confirming bookings, it can all be done by using one app from start to finish. This helps simplify the processes you need to manage in order to run your business.

Some popular vacation rental apps include Airbnb, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor.

To create a guest welcome book

A guest welcome book not only opens up a way to say hello to your guests but also allows them to learn more about the type of experience they can expect while staying at your rental. This is an easy way to send them the guest book, house rules, regulations, directions and anything else they want to know directly to their phone through the app. It is also a great way to upload pictures and maps to the destinations that you recommend to those coming and staying in the rental. It can serve as a guide for the guests to carry around with them during their stay.

TouchStay is a good example of this type of app. It provides users with the chance to explore the area around them, but also leave their thoughts behind for others.

To hire cleaning services

You can easily hire cleaning services for your unit via apps that specialize in finding short term rental cleaning staff. These vacation rental apps allow you to manage your properties and the maintenance tasks required in each of them.

Using a cleaning app, you are able to manage this process for your vacation rental business without having to rely on calling someone each time you need help. You can manage all of the cleaning, schedule staff to arrive depending on check-in and check-out times of guests and even leave instructions for cleaners using an app.

One example of this type of app is Properly, and it covers a wide range of other services that can be managed through it, as well.

Other vacation rental apps

There are many vacation rental management apps out there that you can download and play around with. Some of them are free, others ask for a small price, but the price is worth it if it makes you more efficient and effective at what you do.

You never have to worry about not being able to have the right app that helps you manage everything from start to finish. With so many applications to choose from, every property manager and owner can use the combination that best suits them to keep track of their units.