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Owners of vacation rental need a quality tool to rely on in the form of the best vacation rental software, so they can make their business a success.

What Is the Best Vacation Rental Software

While it is possible to find on the market some pretty good free vacation rental softwares, property owners who really want to be successful at renting their vacation property need to be able to rely on different specific resources for their vacation rental software. What will identify this type of software as being the best will be what it has to offer property owners and managers and what functionalities and benefits it possesses.

How Easy is it To Use?

One thing that property managers don’t have is a lot of time. This means they cannot afford to try to learn and implement software that is complex, difficult and time-consuming. One of the most important components is, therefore, its ease of use.


In order for a vacation rental software to be considered the best, it has to put the owner in control. This means that hosts must have the flexibility of being able to build a designated website for the property rentals business. At the same time, it has to allow for making it unique for the owner, so they can brand their property rental company and take more bookings.

Website Responsibilities

Owning and managing any type of professional site comes with some responsibilities. A vacation rental software program has to be able to allow rental owners the ability to handle these responsibilities in an easy and uncomplicated fashion. Owners must be able to choose from web design templates, then customize these to suit their own needs. It also has to be a software program that is mobile-responsive as increasingly, travel bookings are coming from mobile devices.

Possess All the Management Tools

Property management has a lot of tasks attached to it. Rental owners have to be able to write a description of their property and provide images. The hosts have to be able to set up a website calendar for reservations, be able to accept online bookings. There have to be options for this such as allowing for a booking to be done automatically or manually.

All of these management tasks can be time-consuming. The best vacation rental software will allow all of these tasks to be done in an easy and efficient manner through the use of a dashboard that contains all of the necessary tools.

A Good Guest Experience

While the best vacation rental software has to meet all of the needs of the owners, it also has to provide a great guest experience.

For the visitor, the software has to allow for choices in payment options. Plus, it has to be a secure platform so they feel comfortable in providing their financial details over the internet. For the owner, the software has to allow them to process their payments and integrate with different payment gateways.

Different Systems

The best software option has to be made up of several different systems, to fit the many different tasks that come with rental property management.

The Reservation System

A quality reservation system allows for the management of bookings and also helps the owner to automate many repetitive tasks like quote generation or booking confirmation.

Calendar Control

Using the reservation system will allow for good calendar management. This way, double bookings don’t become an issue.

Reservation Tracking

It also needs to have an easy platform for rentals hosts to review reservation information at a glance.


Property managers always have to be able to answer queries and provide quotes. A software has to provide an easy method to do this, and provide a way to convert inquiries into bookings. Plus, it has to have auto-responding capabilities and a method for handling email.


Cancellations that are not handled properly can cost a landlord or manager a lot of money. The best vacation property rental software will have a cancellation program built in that will effectively handle cancellations for them.

For Owners on the Go

Property managers usually don’t have the luxury of being able to sit at their computer all day. That’s why the best vacation property management software will have a mobile app or platform to let landlords access the software and manage their property wherever they may be.

Channel Management

Any of the best vacation rental software will have the ability to allow hosts to manage the different channels where they may have listed their properties.

In order for a program to be called the best vacation rental software, it must be able to offer all of these features and benefits.