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The most important feature on any hotel or rental property website is the booking software. This allows guests to book a reservation for their travels directly without contacting the hotel for more details before they book. The prospective guest can see which dates the hotel will be open for reservations and plan their schedule accordingly. When they are ready to book their travel dates, the booking engine software makes the process simple.

Why You Need Booking Engine Software

Booking engines make it easy to display and confirm reservations in a rental calendar where everything is centralized. Through website integration, the calendar is free of errors and easily accessible for everyone. This booking feature is integral to the process of saving time among hotel or vacation rental management and allowing them to focus on other things. Payments processing are also made easier and can be collected through using any currency with customer’s credit cards.

Software with Website Integration

One of the main features a booking engine should always include is website integration. This means that a website will automatically update when a vacation rental or room is booked through the software. The site will then show the booked dates as full based on the data in the booking engine, without any manual updates by a staff member.

An integrated website essentially shows the guest the exact same calendar that the rental management will see and use to create their bookings. Every time the staff makes an adjustment, it shows up on the site. All new bookings or even guest cancellations will automatically appear on the owner or manager’s calendar in turn. The integration keeps everything up-to-date automatically and takes away the need to juggle several calendars at a time.

Any time a guest wants to check their travel dates, they can look at the site to see its updated information. There are no concerns that the calendar will be out of date or double booked since the property owner or manager works directly with the same calendar the guests will see.

Online Booking Saves Staff Time

Because this software centralizes the calendar, it saves the staff a lot of time. Rather than having two separate calendars that are manually managed by staff members, everyone at the business – whether its rentals or hotels – can work through the same calendar that is integrated onto the website for guests.

This automatic update conveniently assists the management by keeping the documentation up-to-date and skipping over the possibility for many simple errors. Owners can quickly see who is arriving when, and categorize each guest’s travel plans.

Rental owners or hotel staff can quickly make note of their most recent availabilities or cancellations without having to check and update two separate sources. There are no more worries about double booking due to misinformation or someone forgetting to update one of the calendars.

Booking Payments Made Easy

The online booking engine software allows for worry-free payment. The reservation system of a booking engine is usually built to take credit card payments directly online. This allows for hotels or rentals to process each reservation’s payment quickly, and will facilitate the collection of those payments through automatic scheduling.

It is easy to host guests from all over the world since payments may be made in any currency. Whether a customer is from the same country or anywhere else across the world, the software will accept credit card payments from everywhere. It will do the work of converting the currency for the owner, so neither the business nor the guest ever has to worry about it.

Businesses that don’t ask for immediate payment can use the software’s automatic scheduling tool. This tool will remind a hotel or rental when each reservation deposit is due. It will also warn the owner when payments from customers have become overdue, a feature that allows the hotel to manage their guest’s travel plans with ease and efficiency.