Vacation Rental Guide / Choosing Vacation Rental Software / Free Vacation Rental Software: Essential Features

Rentals managers often look for free vacation rental software without realizing what good software really has to offer.

What Is Free Vacation Rental Software?

Sometimes there are offerings for websites that boast free vacation rental software, but unfortunately these are usually comprised of not much more than a calendar which allows for entries to be made on it. This is because bookings for any homes have to be scheduled and tracked properly, and this usually comes at a price.

Another example of an offering of free vacation rental software may be in reference to some of the platforms being offered within the software itself at no extra cost. It may be that this type of software is being advertised as a reservation software, but also includes a site builder and booking system.

What is Important to Look For

Rather than looking for free vacation rental software, the better approach is to directly seek out the ideal type of software which will solve the owner or manager’s problems. Most options are affordable, though naturally some are more expensive than others. When owners and managers realize the benefits and functions that a quality program brings, it becomes a tool that they simply cannot be without, whether free or paid.

The Various Platforms within Vacation Property Software

This type of business resource that is specifically designed for property rental owners should be made up of different platforms within the system.

The Website Components

Most rental property owners are not already experts at building websites and simply don’t have the time to go through the learning process to do this. They are not aware of what it takes to choose and buy a domain name. They do not know the ins and outs of hosting. A vacation rental software should provide support for this area. It is needed by the vacation property management that want to run their business online effectively. It has to provide a good guest experience for those travelers looking to book accommodation.

Many times, rental property managers have a real desire to have their own designated site for their homes. They know this is the best marketing tool they can make use of. Owners may come across free vacation rental software options that are simply a free website, with nothing more, which can be quite limiting on a marketing basis.

A fully functional vacation property software package will provide a good choice of templates, and will make it super easy to customize them. It requires no web building or design knowledge. However, the software goes far beyond that. It provides web design and structure that has been search engine optimized. This gives the property owner a head start on their marketing efforts.

The Reservation Components

Aside from getting properties listed so that they can be booked, a vacation property manager has many more tasks. Staying organized with property bookings and being able to handle and confirm reservations is highly important. A good solution will provide all of the tools necessary for the property owner to be able to do this with ease.

Additional Features

Now we’ve covered marketing and reservation capabilities of software, there will also be extra functionalties it needs. These additional functionalities can be things such as:

  • A communication platform that can easily handle queries, quotes and help leads become reservations.
  • A quality booking engine that is integrated, so that bookings can be accepted as soon as the site goes live. It has to provide all the information needed by an owner.
  • A good property cms
  • An excellent payment platform is a must.  t has to be one that makes it easy for any traveler to pay and property owners to manage the financial segment of the business.
  • Online web app or mobile application that allows owners easy access to their site and bookings no matter where they are.

While there may be very small segments available as free property management software, total success lies with using a paid package that has it all.