Vacation Rental Guide / Choosing Vacation Rental Software / Why You Need Vacation Rental Property Manager Software

Landlords who use a vacation rental property manager software find running their business is easy and efficient.

What is Vacation Rental Property Manager Software?

This is a software that anyone can access from any computer to assist them with the operation of their entire rentals business. It doesn’t matter whether it is just one rental property that an owner has, or if there are several properties that have to be managed, vacation rental software allows it to be done quickly, easily, and efficiently.

What Is The Software Comprised Of?

There are many different types of online tools available for vacation rental owners to make use of for managing their homes. It is important to know what it should be comprised of, in order to choose the best one to benefit your business in the most useful way possible.

The Ability to Design a Website for Rental Property Management

Landlords want to get their properties found on the internet, which is why they usually use rental property listing sites like HomeAway. Although this is one method managers can use, it comes with a lot of disadvantages. By having your own property management website, you have a lot more control and far less competition versus other listings.

Website Builder for Rental Property Management

Some vacation property rental management tool solutions allow you to create a designated website for your rental business. This means you get to customize the site so its presentation of your rental business is unique. The website builder may provide you with a variety of templates to allow you to choose the design and layout that appeals to you the most. You can then make changes so that it has your personal touch. Plus, you need to have the ability to optimize it so it’s mobile-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

As rentals managers, being able to get your site up and live on the internet is one thing. But equally as important, your software also has to be able to give you the capabilities of getting it indexed well in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Booking Engine for Vacation Rental Property Management

The tool also must have a platform built into it that allows interested renters to be able to book one of your homes in an easy, straightforward manner. They also have to be able to make booking payments easy and be able to utilize different payment options (such as credit card, Paypal etc) in a secure manner.

Control with a Content Management System

Any software that you use for your vacation property rental business has to allow you to add all the important content. This is necessary to attract renters to your property and give them all the information in an efficient manner. It is done through a CMS system that allows for entering details like property descriptions, images, and pricing, for example. Furthermore, the system has to allow you to be able to manage this information in a quick and easy manner through updates.


A quality and efficient system will also set you up for good advertising tactics. Being able to link it with your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, is a must.


A software that is going to be used for a vacation property rental has to allow for both guests and hosts to be able to post and showcase reviews of their rental experiences.

Other Important Features

Aside from all of the important vacation rental property management software features mentioned there are other important tasks that it must be able to fulfill, such as…

A top quality, fully functional, and effective rental software must have the capabilities of being able to support the operation and management of ongoing rental homes of this nature.