Your website reservation system is the hub of your vacation rental business. Without efficient booking software, management of your property is much more difficult and open to error. The right reservation system will offer updated information to your guests and have features that are accessible on different devices.

Benefits of a Website Reservation System

A website reservation system will allow you to keep track of each booking from wherever you are. All you need is internet access, because you have cloud-based software for your bookings. You can automate repetitive tasks, too, freeing you up to run your venture more efficiently.

Business management is more intuitive with a website reservation system. Often, vacation rentals are difficult to manage because of the multitude of email addresses, emails, invoices, payments, and vendor contacts. But, with a website reservation system, you can have a centralized inbox. This greatly reduces the margin of error in managing bookings and messages. You can choose the solution that suits you best, using different CMS, and also have a WordPress reservation system if you wish.

Communicate with Your Guests

With the right tools, you can communicate one-on-one with your guests. Sure, you could do this before over the phone, but now you can view all of the guest details, craft their requirements, and take care of all of the correspondence concerning their stay at your hotel or rental, and do it all in one place. Each step of the booking experience automatically updates to the calendar and check out pages and triggers your automated responders to send out confirmations and check-in instructions.

Be Accessible to Your Guests

Roughly 50% of guests will reserve their accommodation using their cell phones. This means that it is crucial for your website to have a responsive design. Your pages should change to fit any sized screen, from a desktop monitor to a 3” screen on a smartphone. The CSS should allow for smooth navigation between pages, regardless of the device with which they are viewing your site. Website reservation systems that are responsive are crucial to continuing success in today’s business world.

Use Auto-Responders

Booking engines that incorporate auto-responders can save you hours every week in admin work. Every time a guest books a room at your property, he or she deserves and expects a confirmation email.

As an owner, you know the importance of personal contact with your guests. But you also realize that bookings need immediate confirmation for the customer’s peace of mind. If you value the relationship between owner and guest you can follow up with a personal email. But with the auto-responder, the pressure is off. You can rest assured that your guests have received their confirmation in a timely manner.

When your guests pay for their booking, they want immediate confirmation that your hotel has received payment. You can send a personal note later, but an automated receipt increases guest satisfaction and makes them feel more secure.

Many vacation rentals also send out check-in details a few days before the guests are due to arrive. By automating this email, you ensure that your guests receive the instructions.

Expand Your Business

In the vacation rental industry, you can build brand recognition and boost bookings by using online travel agents. With the right website reservation system, you can partner with a channel manager to build your brand. This brings in more bookings. The channel manager updates all relevant sites, including your site.

In addition, your guests will appreciate the ability to reserve online without trouble. They can view your site, even touring the room or bed and breakfast suite they would like to book. They can view your calendar and check rates before they make their choice. Then they can proceed to checkout and make their payment. This is quickly followed by immediate confirmation of their reservation and a receipt for the payment.