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WordPress is a content management system or CMS, that is provided by a website hosting service for no charge. It is easy to use and is used by nearly 28% of the top ten million websites in the world. It is the single most popular CMS overall, supporting over sixty million websites. Owners who use WordPress will often select a reservation system that integrates easily. It is compatible with many booking systems and is intuitive to use.

Popularity of a Reservation System for WordPress

WordPress is open source software, which means that it is free. While the price is right, the ease with which businesses can use this CMS is even better.

One of the most popular functionalities is WordPress series of templates. There are different themes which allow the user to design a unique website. These themes have the necessary codes in place to manage the site content. By selecting one of the themed templates, you automatically build your own PHP, HTML, and CSS, all of which are necessary for the proper function of your website. If you want to change the theme of your website, you can do so without losing content or altering code.

Besides the many free WordPress templates, the user can select from the premium theme collection. These can be purchased from the internet or from individuals who develop WordPress themes.

WordPress Plugins

Another of the popular features of WordPress is the availability of add-ons for your theme. Plugins can increase the booking rate for your rental.

Plugins allow you to customize your site. A plugin (also called an add-in, an add-on, or an extension) enables you to add specific extras to your website. This will allow you to display information on your website that is not otherwise available. Admin of these options gives the hotel owner control over access to bookings and calendar, among other things.

With a plugin that you purchase, you also get customer support. This helps on the rare occasion in which the plugins’ codes clash. Plugins can be used to add widgets to your site and social media pages. They can also be installed on the browser to aid SEO. They can play sound or add motion to your website. Adobe Acrobat requires a plugin, as do video players.

Your reservation system will use add-ons to aid customers in making a booking. They will also be necessary to display images or videos from your accommodation.

Responsive Reservation System

Recent studies have shown that about 50% of guests use their smartphones to book their accommodation. With this in mind, it is crucial to have a WordPress reservation system that is mobile-friendly and can be used on any type of handheld device.

Booking with a Reservation System

WordPress and its plugins make it easy for a guest to make a booking at your hotel or bed and breakfast. They will be able to access your booking website, regardless of the theme you select, from their social media sites.

For example, WordPress gives you the ability to put a widget on your Facebook page so that every time you post a status update, your followers will see the widget. They can then click on that widget to make their reservations. Booking with this method is quick and efficient, and a good way to do business. Most owners find that their bookings increase by as much as 25% when guests are given access to booking in this way.

Calendar and Reservation System

Maintaining the calendar for your vacation rental or hotel can be an overwhelming prospect. However, a reservation system in WordPress provides access to your calendar from any hotspot. Your calendar will display any fees, discounts or seasonal availability pertinent to your guests, and you can update it whenever you need to.