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Any rental property owner should carefully check out vacation rental software reviews before making a concrete decision.

How to Get the Most from Reviews

As a property manager or owner responsible for renting vacation properties, you need to rely on some quality resources to help you with property management. To help find the right resources, you can check out vacation rental software reviews.

In order to do this though, you really need some basic understanding as to what vacation rental software is.

What is Vacation Rental Software?

This is a software that has been specifically designed to help any vacation rental property manager handle their business effectively and efficiently.

What Does Vacation Rental Software Management Do?

A quality tool will allow a manager to design their own website for their vacation rental business. It should be easy to set up and start using, and from, there be user-friendly both for the owner/manager and the potential customer.

This type of software should allow any owners the opportunity to fully run and maintain their business in its entirety, and provide a good experience for a traveler.

What to Look For In Reviews

The reviews should have positive comments on how the software includes a website builder.

The site builder should:

  • Provide assistance with domain purchasing and hosting.
  • Give options for the owner to design their site with templates that can be customized.
  • Be mobile-friendly.
  • Be able to ensure the site will be search engine optimized.
  • Be able to build the credibility of the business (brand) through social media integrations.
  • Provide a good guest experience.

The software should have a booking engine built into it. Vacation rental software reviews should be able to mention that software being reviewed has this feature and that it works well. Plus, it should mention whether it has the capabilities of allowing the owner to set up the site for automatic bookings or for doing them manually.

Content Management System Review

Another area that the software review should focus on is what type of property content management system does the software possess?

A quality software will have a CMS system built into it. This allows the owner to set up rentals descriptions including images, along with additional information and extra pages if desired.

When you are looking at vacation rental property software reviews, you want to see if they mention what type of system is in place for reviews and guest books. These play a very important role in rental softwares, as well as help meet the marketing needs for rental property business.

Check to see if they mention whether the software that is being reviewed is capable of being multilingual. This is a great added feature, considering that guests from all different parts of the world may access the property rental site.

Reservation System Review

A decent vacation rental software review will spend some time talking about the benefits and features of the reservation software program that should be built into the software platform. This is to assist owners with the tools they need for their rentals business, while also creating good traveler experiences. The components that make up this part of the software program are:

  • A centralized calendar
  • An easy-to-access inbox that provides booking details at a glance
  • An opportunity to convert inquiries into bookings
  • Correspondence usability through autoresponders and email
  • Cancellation handling

The software review really should provide some specific details concerning its ability to offer payment options as well as what security measures are in place. It should outline how easy it is for the property management to handle payments and bookings.


As a property manager checking out vacation rental software reviews, be on the lookout for comments about whether the provider has a mobile application or mobile-ready web app. The software systems that do have this function allow the owner to manage their properties anywhere, while on the go.

Another great feature that should be included in the properties rental software review is whether it has channel manager capabilities and other types of integrations like social media and marketing.

A good and reliable review will cover as many of the details as possible about the benefits and features that the software being reviewed offers to the property manager.