Vacation Rental Guide / What is VRBO? / VRBO Dashboard: Guide for Property Owners

Managing a property listing on VRBO’s platform is quick and simple and allows owners easy access to all the information they need to be a successful host on this vacation rental property site.

Owners VRBO Dashboard

For any host who wants to create a property listing for their vacation rental, this is easy to do either by going to the owner dashboard through the VRBO site or through the HomeAway website. This is where you get to create your property rental listing and manage all aspects of it. Everything you need to know and do as a property owner can be done in this one area of the VRBO site. Additional information is also available through the help section.

Navigating the Dashboard

You see that the dashboard is divided into three sections. There is the center area, the left-side menu bar, and the top section.  This will help you to set up your listing so it is easy for travelers to do their booking. This will be the same if you are using the HomeAway platform.

Top Section

Here you can choose from two topics. There is the “my account” tab where you can go if you need to update your account information. The other tab is a help tab, and this is where you can access the tool kit and the community. The community section both sites is where you can get some ideas to help you with your listings from other hosts.

Left Sidebar

In this section, you can click on a variety of links that will allow you to perform some tasks for your rentals.

Reservation Manager:

Here is where all the booking information about your guests is kept. Payment information is found here and any queries that have been carried out can be found here. Also, you can access the availability calendar from here.


Here you are able to design your response templates. This is also the area where you will upload any of your rental agreements.


As a host, you have the opportunity to leave reviews about your guests which you can do here.

Listing Manager

If you want to change information in your listing, you can do that in this section.

Tips and Resources

This is another area you can go to on VRBO and HomeAway in order to access more information provided by other hosts regarding advertising your property. Here you will also be able to find more information on how to make your VRBO listing more productive and entice guests to follow through with their reservation.

There are thousands of properties listed and you want to make sure that your rentals are going to be found. In this tips and resources section you will be able to get extra help to learn how to move up in the searches.

If you go to the right of your screen, you will see another link for Edit Listing. It is comprised of a drop-down menu, so you can go directly to the listing that you want to work on.

VRBO Dashboard Middle Section

This is the section that appears in the center of your screen. You should be able to see an image of your home. Some hosts register several properties, which is no problem because they can all be accessed through the same VRBO dashboard. Near the image and address, there is a “switch property” button.

Further down in the middle section is information about recent guest activity. A lot of the data that can be found here is really important to you as a host. At a quick glance, you can see how much interest by way of queries have been made in the last week. If you have someone staying at your home currently, it will also show in this section. It will even indicate who is next on the list for renting the property.

You can track your online payments here if you have signed up for this option. It will show you two months in advance as to how much is due.

Additionally, you will be able to see the total guest reviews that have been made concerning this specific property.

As you scroll down in this center section, you will see another important section that has several tabs. The first is one that will provide you with a summary of your listing. The second tab will provide you with information about your subscription and where your property is in the search results. The next tab provides you with information about any special offers being made by the company. Then, there is a tab that allows you to learn more about reservation manager. The fourth tab gives you information about security. There is also a section here to learn more about marketing your rental properties.