Vacation Rental Guide / What is VRBO? / VRBO Fees: What You Should Know

Both vacation rental owners and guests who are booking through the VRBO platform will have some fees to pay.

VRBO Fee Payments

For users of VRBO owners, fees are put in place for hosts that wish to create a listing of their rental property on this platform. They are both the same for this site as they are for HomeAway – a sister website. There is also a small fee for users who book their vacation home on this platform.

The VRBO Pay-Per-Booking Fee Option

For owners who are going to list their properties using the pay-per-booking option, they have to use the HomeAway payments program along with the online platform. One of the things that have to be kept in mind for those who are using the pay-per-booking option, they will not be able to accept e-checks.

Rules and Benefits of Pay-Per-Booking

One of the rules that are applicable to the pay-per-booking option is that the host has to be able to accept payments online. One of the advantages is that when using this option, the rental owner is not required to pay a fee up front. However, what renters will have to realize is that they will have to pay a percentage fee for each reservation.


The minimum amount that you are going to pay as a fee for each reservation will be 8%. Hosts who are only renting their accommodation on a seasonal basis find that this option is much more cost-efficient for them. The company recommends that if you are renting for more than six weeks throughout the year, then you would benefit from more savings by using the subscription option.

When it comes to rentals, exposure in the way that VRBO listings and HomeAway have set up their platforms will allow customers to easily access your adverts, no matter which option you are using. One of the additional benefits of using the pay-per-booking system is that you are not at any financial risk, as you are basically paying as you go. You have the same secure protection with both sites.

Subscription Bookings

Many hosts enjoy using the subscription option as a way for paying the fee, because they are only required to pay a once a year. An owner is able to accept as many inquiries and bookings as they like for one low annual fee.

Recently, VRBO has made some changes in that there are no longer multi-level subscriptions like they once did. Instead of having multiple subscription costs, it has been replaced with one flat fee for the entire year.

There are some features that have an additional charge added, such as the online booking activation. Any listing that is being placed under the subscription offer will get both global exposures as well as regional. Another benefit that comes along with the annual subscription cost is that the listing will be exposed on 25 international sites as well as the VRBO site, and there is no additional cost for this.

Any host will find that using the online reservation feature not only offers them a lower price, but also helps them to gain better exposure for their listing, which in turn helps them to perform better.

What allows for this is the best match system in place. This produces better results in the potential clients search efforts. Statistics are showing that hosts who use the online booking feature get up to 86% more reservations then they would without it.

VRBO Fees for Travelers

In order to complete a reservation, the traveler will have to pay a service fee. Fees collected from clients are used to cover the cost of maintaining the site. With the great benefits that VRBO offers for customers, many don’t mind paying this small fee.

Which Is The Best Choice For You?

You have to decide which of these options will work best for you and entice customers to reserve your place. VRBO offers many great choices for customers to place a reservation, and a great opportunity at reasonable prices for an owner to list their property. For every specific enquiry, you can easily contact VRBO’s customer service.