If you want amazing, hassle-free vacation rental listings anywhere in the world, then take full advantage of the VRBO vacation rental website.

What is a VRBO Listing?

For those who may be unaware, VRBO is a great way to find that home away from home when looking to book a rental property for a truly incredible vacation. The HomeAway and VRBO vacation property rental businesses have become jointly owned in recent years. VRBO listings are vacation rentals that are advertised by the hosts in order to give customers the opportunity to find a unique vacation property. These are then available for booking by guests who want to travel but prefer to stay in accommodation that has a little more character than a traditional hotel.

Where Can You Find a VRBO Listing?

Property listings can be found on the VRBO platform where they are grouped according to their location. A VRBO rental owner also has the option to list their property on the HomeAway site as well to gain extra exposure. They can take care of all the transactions and the reservation process so that travelers have peace of mind knowing that the property they reserve will be a good fit. The rentals that you find on both sites are very varied and unique. All of the listings are thoroughly vetted by the company and usually for a great price compared to what you would pay for a major hotel chain suite with similar amenities.

What Can I Expect to Find on a VRBO Listing?

When you look up properties on their page, you will find a wealth of information. You can browse hundreds of listings for properties that are ready to be rented out by the hosts in almost any locale you can dream of. The listings will show you exactly where the rental is located and will have pictures of the entire unit and amenities that it includes or are nearby. The listing will also show you clearly what the rates are for the rentals, and will also provide you with all of the information you need to contact the owner and reserve the property.


The advantages for travelers using thoses listings for booking properties are plentiful. The fact that you get to choose from so many amazing and unique properties is the primary reason that many use their listings to find a memorable place to stay. This takes the place of the cookie cutter motel and hotel chains that offer the same old, same old when it comes to accommodations. Looking for something close to the mountains? Or, maybe a wonderful place in the tropical hot sun close to a golden sand beach? No matter what your vacation preference, these sites have you covered.

Is VRBO Just in the US?

VRBO services the entire globe! VRBO and the HomeAway family are exceptionally proud of their ability to offer rental locations from hosts throughout the whole world. Whether you want to spend some time exploring the amazing sites found in Canada or would like to try your luck at the gaming tables in Macau, it makes no difference. There are units to be found in just about every country and on every continent. Owners around the globe trust VRBO and its customer service to help them find the right person to rent their units to. Renters across the entire spectrum choose VRBO when looking for a vacation property that breaks away from the stale and tired routine of the hotel chains, and the limited types of accommodation that they offer.

Find the place that suits your personality best and offers the amenities that are truly important, as well as privacy and space!
Choosing a VRBO rental means never having to regret your choice of accommodation, whether you are looking for a small cabin in the woods or an entire chalet for your friends and family.