Vacation Rental Guide / What is VRBO? / VRBO Phone Number: Tips and Quick Links

No matter whether you are using the website as a host or a guest, you can contact them by calling the VRBO phone number.

Contact using the VRBO Phone Number

For owners and managers who want the ideal platform to list their home on, the VRBO page (or their sister site HomeAway) can help. There are many different ways to contact the site, and one of these is by using the VRBO telephone number.

The same access applies for those people who want to make queries regarding rental properties. The main number that is most often used to reach VRBO is through their customer service, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a business that receives a lot of calls, but it has been estimated that the average wait time to speak to a representative is about 16 minutes.

Common Reasons Why a Property Owner May Call VRBO

A new VRBO logged in owner who is using the site for the first time may not be sure as to how to go about canceling a listing. Or, they may want to make changes to the details they have supplied concerning a rental.

Another common reason that an owner will sometimes contact the VRBO phone number is that they are concerned that they are not getting enough attention paid to their listing. In some cases, owners don’t realize they can list their home on both the VRBO and the HomeAway site, as they are owned by the same company.

Common Reasons Why A Guest May Call the VRBO Telephone Number

Both the websites are easy to use. Though sometimes, guests that want to book are not sure if they have done everything right when making their booking. For this reason, they may want to speak directly to a VRBO representative.

Other times, those that are in the process of reviewing rental properties are not sure if they should contact the owner of the rental listing directly or to go through customer service.

Then there are also times when guests are making a reservation that they have specific questions about rentals, payments or fees and want to speak directly to someone at the company.

Getting Information Beyond the VRBO Phone Number

One of the great features that both platforms have is their help section. Vacation rental property hosts can make good use of this section as it provides a lot of help. Sometimes new hosts will start checking out what VRBO has to offer through the reviews that are posted on the site. This is done just to get an idea of how the listings are posted.

Using the Help Section

It is a good idea for both hosts and travelers to thoroughly check out all of the categories for help that are listed in this section. They can do this before calling the VRBO phone number to check their query hasn’t been answered already. It guides both hosts and guests through the entire process of using this platform. In addition to this, at the bottom of every help page, there is a contact link that can be used to allow site visitors to make further contact. In this section, it shows a series of questions under each category which are the most common queries from hosts and guests. By clicking on them, the viewer is then provided with more details. Not only does the answer to these questions in most cases provide the details needed, but it will also list additional articles that contain related topics. This type of format makes it really easy for hosts and renters to navigate through the VRBO site.