Vacation Rental Guide / What is VRBO? / VRBO Phone Number: Contacting Customer Service

The VRBO phone number and overall customer service team is a key resource for hosts and for guests who are using the vacation rental platform. VRBO provides a wide-reaching audience for property owners to be able to create a listing for their vacation rental. At the same time, it is an ideal platform for guests who want to book accommodation to use when they are traveling.

Calling the VRBO phone number for customer support

For owners and managers who want the ideal platform for advertising their home, VRBO (or their sister site HomeAway) can help. There are many different ways to contact the site and one of these is by using the VRBO telephone number. VRBO attends a lot of calls each day – expert estimates say that the average wait time to speak to a representative is about 16 minutes.

Other types of VRBO Customer service

No matter whether you are a host or a renter looking for some help, you will be able to get the help you need 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Reaching the 24-hour support line is available through the contact link at the bottom of every help page on the website.

It is also important to note that VRBO is part of the HomeAway property rental and reservation platform. So you may find that in some correspondence, the name HomeAway appears. When you click on the contact link, you will be asked to identify whether you are a traveler, host or property manager. After doing this and depending on your selection, you will then be given the opportunity to describe what you are in need of. Then, VRBO will pull up some articles which relate to your topic to help you further.

If you still are not getting the help that you need, then you can choose the email or phone link so you can correspond directly with a representative.

This is a great customer service system that helps direct the host who may need help with a VRBO listing, or for guests who need help making a reservation, or for any other queries.

Why Would a Property Owner Call The VRBO Phone Number?

For an owner, logging in to VRBO to check reservations for the first time may be overwhelming. Perhaps you need to change the details of your rental property, add some new high-quality photos, edit your listing title or even cancel your listing. If you don’t know how to do this, you may find yourself calling the VRBO phone number.

Another common reason why an owner will sometimes contact the VRBO phone number is that they are concerned that they are not getting enough attention or visits to their listing. In some cases, owners don’t realize they can list their home on both the VRBO and the HomeAway site, as they are owned by the same company.

Why Would a Guest Call The VRBO Phone Number?

Both websites are easy to use. Though sometimes, guests that want to book are not sure if they have done everything right when making their booking. For this reason, they may want to speak directly to a VRBO representative.

Other times, those that are in the process of reviewing rental properties are not sure if they should contact the owner of the rental listing directly or to go through customer service.

Then there are also times when guests are making a reservation that they have specific questions about rentals, payments or fees and want to speak directly to someone at the company.


It may not be necessary as a guest to contact customer service directly. If you have questions for the property owner as a guest using the platform, you can use the HomeAway messaging feature. This is a system that allows both renters and hosts to communicate with one another, without having to go through customer service.

Getting Information Beyond the VRBO Phone Number

One of the great features that both VRBO and HomeAway platforms have is their help section. Vacation rental property hosts can make good use of this section as it provides a lot of help. Sometimes new hosts will start checking out what VRBO has to offer through the reviews that are posted on the site.


It is a good idea for both hosts and travelers to thoroughly check out all of the categories for help that VRBO lists in this section. They can do this before calling the VRBO phone number to check their query hasn’t been answered already.

One of the concerns that both hosts and guests have is the exchange of payment. In the help section, there are lots of details as to how the money transactions transpire. Guests also want to know about the fee they are going to be charged, so instead of having to contact customer service, they can rely on the help center for the knowledge they need.

The help section is broken down into some main sections. Such as:


This is an important section for owners and property managers to find the data they will need, such as how much they will pay in fees or how to go about payment management. It contains a great deal more detail which should provide all the answers users need, without having to contact customer service.


In this section, not only can hosts find details about making and receiving payments, but also how secure the site is when it comes to monetary transactions. Although the information here has a lot of details, both hosts and guests can still contact customer service if they are having an issue about a payment or any other matter.

These are just a few examples of the many topics that the help section covers which provides additional customer service support, as well as the VRBO phone number.