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If you own a B&B, then you need an easy-to-use bed and breakfast website builder. Certainly, you can rely on your web designer or web hosting service to maintain your website, but as the owner, you need access. Any hotel owner or manager knows that the ability to access pages, tabs, layout and other facets of the page is essential. You will also need the ability to add or change special offers and calls to action. Your guests need to see updated pictures of your property.  Perhaps most importantly, they need to be able to make bookings online. As they book the different elements of their trip, any activity or facility not accessible on the internet is more likely to be overlooked.

What to Look for in a Bed and Breakfast Website Builder

One of the first features to look for in a website builder software is a wide selection of templates. These templates determine the overall layout of your design. You want a design that is easy to navigate yet attractive, and one in which you can easily enter updates. This will make it simple to keep your special discounts and events calendar up to date.

One of the benefits of having website templates available is that they can reduce the cost of building and maintaining your website. You can reduce the cost of edits to your site information and, like any other owner, have dynamic interaction with your customers through your website.

Why Use a Bed and Breakfast Website Builder

Every year, nearly 150 million people reserve their hotel stay online. Roughly 57 percent of all travelers reserve their entire trip on the internet. This includes transportation, tours, entertainment, hotel, and meals, including breakfast.

Even more, telling is that two-thirds of travelers make their reservations from their phone. That’s right, the handheld mobile device is responsible for over 66% of that 150 million-guest traffic. What this tells us is that if you do not have a website that is mobile-friendly, then you are missing out on the majority of bookers.

The hospitality industry also reports that over 65% of their bookings come from travelers who use their brand website. While booking websites may promise to provide hotel bookings at a discount, they only account for one-fifth of all bookings. This means that your website’s look and its functionalities are far more likely to be viewed by excited travelers than you may think.

The Value of Reviews

Your B&B will count on reviews. In fact, over 80% of people looking for an inn will base their booking on the reviews they read. These reviews are available on many websites, so are worth your time to monitor. Your response to reviews and comments can also make a difference in overall customer satisfaction.

Fifty percent of travelers looking for a room will not reserve a facility if there are no reviews. Even considering the unique atmosphere offered by most B&Bs, most visitors still want confirmation from others that yours is a quality lodging. With such a large percentage of people basing their decisions on the quality of reviews, you cannot afford to be left out.

Social Media for Your B&B

In addition, every time you respond to a comment left on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or other platforms, your business gains credibility with search engines. Check Yelp, too, and remember to ask all your past travelers to review your facilities.

This is something to keep in mind when you select a bed and breakfast website builder. Select a template that allows you to link to your reviews. You may find a simple call to action that recommends customer reviews. You also need to include testimonials on your website.

Your web host usually provides designers who can build and maintain your website for you. However, with the right bed and breakfast website builder, you can save yourself a lot of money and remain active in the maintenance of your site.