The best website builder will offer everything you want for your vacation rental. However, while web hosting usually requires a certain fee, you can find website builder software that provides a professional look for no extra charge. In fact, you may find that free software is easier to use than a more expensive one that requires a coding expert. One of the most important features for building your site is to find affordable yet excellent hosting service.

Free Website Builder

The template you select is just as important as your actual vacation rental’s appearance. When you create your website, the pages must be clean and easy to read. Perhaps even more importantly, they must be easy to navigate.

Fortunately, even free website builders provide a wealth of templates that have that very feature. These ready-made layouts not only suggest where to place your banner, images, content, and widgets, but they also provide navigation maps that enable your guests to get the information they need.

The free website builder will work with your domain name, and provide alternatives as you set up your shop or display your products. In the case of a bed and breakfast or vacation rental, that store is more likely to be the accommodation itself. Your products are your rooms/apartments and the amenities provided.

Build a Free Website

Your hosting service will likely have a fee that may or may not cover the cost of buying your domain name. So, technically, your website is not really free. But, the editor is provided for no extra charge. This will provide you with a selection of drag-and-drop templates, many of which are specifically formulated for hotels and beds and breakfasts.

Website Design Tips

You will have many options when you create a site for your business. The background colors, text colors, and fonts are all your choice. Your style represents your business, so make these choices carefully so they match your brand.

Select a background color that does not glare or make the eyes tired. You want your guests to spend time on your web page, and if they get a headache as they navigate through your pages, they will leave your site.

The font color is equally important. The color should be a contrast to the background. Your software service probably has a designer on hand who can help you make this decision, but use some common sense. Red font on a green background uses contrasting colors, but is very hard to read. Leave dramatic style like this for personal blogs or non-company pages.

Font choice will make a big difference in whether or not your guests read your booking rates as $85 or $36. There is a reason that Times New Roman, Helvetica, Calibri, and Cambria are used predominantly for blogging purposes. There are other fonts, though, that work very well with your site and can give it a fresh design that makes it stand out.

Create a Responsive Website

A mobile-friendly site will make your information available to guests using their mobile devices. Your hosting service should provide a CSS that is responsive to a variety of screen sizes, platforms, and user behaviors. Grids, images, and layouts need to be flexible in order to adapt to these different orientations. The good news is that even a free website builder will offer that kind of construction.

So, should you use a free site builder? The answer is yes – sometimes. Most of them, when provided by a reputable hosting service, will give you all of the features you need to promote your rental, receive reservations, and accept payments from guests online. They will also allow you to update your website regularly, adding images, blog posts, and special offer notices. You will also be able to add widgets and links to social media platforms to bring more traffic to your site. All of this gives your rental more visibility to search engines and increases your ranking.

At the same time, it can also be a great idea to use a paid software option that allows you more flexibility in customizing your site the way you want, as well as one that provides you with round-the-clock support in case you need help with any of the more technical issues.