Vacation Rental Guide / How to Choose Website Builder Software / Find A Website Builder With Booking System

Most business owners in the hotel industry find that having the best website builder is crucial to their success. Gone are the days in which vacationers scour the Yellow Pages for hotels, beds and breakfasts, and inns for their lodging. This would yield only local results, at best. The alternative was to call the 800 number for a known hotel chain and secure a room this way.

The good news is that, in today’s technological world of computers and the internet, there is an abundance of website builder software which will bring guests to your hotel from all corners of the globe.

Website Builder with Booking System

A vacation rental site needs a booking engine that enables potential guests to make their reservations at their discretion. The software should be responsive to mobile devices. It should be able to accept guest inquiries from the first day you build and publish it.

As the owner of your business, you can custom design your booking system to either accept immediate reservations or alert you to provide manual approval. In the later case, you would approve each reservation individually.

Desirable Features in a Website Builder with Booking System:

  • Instant booking capabilities (book now, real-time reserving)
  • A calendar for guests and staff
  • PayPal
  • Credit card acceptance
  • Provide secure payment features
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customized acceptance between automatic and manual approval
  • Provides immediate quotes
  • Checks property availability
  • Automatic rate calculation
  • Includes discounts
  • Calculates taxes and fees
  • Includes security deposits
  • Allows you to select payment types, including currencies

Booking Features for Your Website

Whether you create your site from scratch, or have your web hosting service do the hard work, one of the most useful elements will be a “Book Now” feature. This button should be easy to use, encouraging your guests to complete their choice. It should be noticeable, easy to see, and include a call-to-action such as “Reserve Your Room”.

Real-time updates and bookings are other features that are important to your business. This allows you to immediately post any changes regarding availability, specials, and confirmations.

Your guests should be able to see a calendar of events and of availability. Showing unit availability here is a great graphic to help guests with their decisions. A calendar is also important for the management of your rental, offering an easier way to plan staff training and organize events. Plus, it should update automatically.

Booking System with Online Payment Acceptace

Providing the payment option of PayPal to your guests can be a major asset to your business. Users find that PayPal is quick and easy to use, and often prefer to do their online business through this vendor.

Most hotels and other accommodation now require a valid credit card number before they will confirm a reservation. Your booking system will have templates for receiving credit card payments to secure bookings. The information provided on your checkout page should mention whether or not you offer secure checkout. You should also offer options for your guests to store their credit card details. This encourages them to rebook with your rental or bed and breakfast.

What Else Does My Booking System Need?

Customer service begins on your homepage. A “Book Now” button and efficient checkout are crucial to our online guests, but there will be inevitable moments when someone wants to speak to a member of staff. The solution to this is online and phone support. Whether you or your employees offer this support or you hire a service, the customer service should be fast, polite, and knowledgeable.

Responsive design is another crucial element to your booking system. The use of handheld devices such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads has skyrocketed, and guests expect to be able to access your website and reserve their stay immediately – not later on after they are at their desks.

A site builder with booking system for your hotel should also automatically calculate the rates for your guests. Any discounts, seasonal fees or deposits should be included. They also need to see any taxes or security deposits that are included in their charges.

Today, your privately owned accommodation, inn, or bed and breakfast has a competitive edge. You can market your facilities with confidence, reaching more potential guests than ever. With the right booking system, you can keep it all straight.