A booking calendar is a great tool to ensure that guests’ and owner’s schedules coincide easily. Through a centralized booking system, staff can check on their various bookings with a quick glance and know that everything is in its place. Guests can see the same available dates on the rental site. This saves everyone lots of time and inconvenience, and cuts out several extra steps – namely phone calls which tend to have much higher chances for misunderstandings.

Advantages of Booking Calendars

Booking calendars should always be added to websites for the benefit of both the guest and the owner. These centralized calendars can sync together to allow both guests and owners access to real-time details about reservations. There are many different kinds of software available for different kinds of websites.

A booking calendar plugin is a great way to centralize bookings on a WordPress site. They can be quickly and easily installed or uninstalled as the owner wishes. This makes installing it more simple and quick than with many other providers.

Why Centralized Booking Calendars Are Better

For hotel or vacation rental staff, having a centralized booking calendar is transformative. Rather than keeping various pieces of data in several locations, the centralized booking calendar collects all of the reservations in one place. It creates one easy-to-manage calendar and inbox combination, allowing staff to quickly accept or reject requests. It allows the staff to block off certain periods of time as being specifically unavailable, and gives them a clear overview of their entire schedule.

This booking calendar also allows much easier access. Guests get real-time information on currenting bookings and can see when they are able to secure their own reservation. When the customer can make a reservation directly using software that is linked to the reservation calendar, it automatically updates this for the staff as well.

WordPress Plugins

A centralized calender is only helpful if the customers have access to it from a site. There needs to be a way for the customer to reserve events easily, directly on the site. WordPress plugins make this process very easy and convenient for the user. A plugin is software that can be installed or uninstalled on to a page. This means that a booking calendar add-on can be added directly to your WP site.

With this plugin, it will be easy to share the centralized calendar with potential customers. They can make reservations directly on the website through the installed software. There will be no waiting on phone lines, and staff or owners can receive the booking requests or confirmations — depending on their settings — directly in their synced email account.

Clear Calendar Overview for Staff

Whether you use a WordPress plugin or some other kind of software to take reservations, using a centralized booking calendar will be wonderful for your staff and ultimatley your customer service. It allows staff to manage all of the guests bookings from one central location. They can monitor the entire business with a very clear overview of what is happening. They can see exactly who is arriving when, and leaving on which days. There is no longer any need to worry about accdidental double books or overlapping guests on the same day.

This combination that comes with a good reservation software makes daily management a quick and simple task. The staff members can accept new bookings with a single click. If that is still not quick enough, staff can even set up real-time booking. This is an automatic system that allows staff to choose specific times when there are vacancies and guests can book instantly, entirely on their own. Staff do not even need to confirm: the reservation is automatically confirmed when the guest payment is processed.