WIX Bookings allows users to schedule appointments, classes and book rooms right through a Wix website. Vacation rental owners and/or property managers can spend less time on the phone, calling people back, scheduling them individually, checking different listing site calendars and spend more time expanding their growing businesses with the WIX Bookings app.

Features of Wix Bookings

There are many awesome, useful features that come with the WIX Bookings plugin that the user is able to make use of when they add it to their website, such as:

  • Getting online bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, holidays and more
  • Manage their staff’s calendars
  • Accept payments, deposits and other forms of arrangements securely
  • Provide users with a way to log in and see their bookings
  • Send automatic email reminders to those that have signed up
  • Sync your Google and WIX calendars to see all of the bookings made
  • Edit, store and customize customer information
  • Have complete control of all the bookings that happen

How to add Wix Bookings to your site

Many of the WIX templates that are available don’t come with the WIX Bookings built right into the system. However, it is easy to add the Bookings option to a Wix website! In order to add the WIX Bookings extension to the website, you just have to click on Bookings on the left side on the editor and click Add Now.

You also have the option to add the WIX Bookings from the Add App option on the left side of the editor. You can then click on the Manage portion to create your first service and put it to work.

Wix Bookings vs Embeddable Wix booking plugin

If you’re looking for a plugin that provides your website visitors with many more options and features then you may want to check out embeddable booking plugins that are out there, since they have many more options than the built-in WIX Booking feature. A lot of people do not know this and will go with whatever add-on that comes with their website builder.

When comparing the two, the WIX Booking Engine does not come with the necessary extras that you would need for your vacation rental business. Through the use of an embedded add-on though, you’re easily able to customize not only the appearance but what can be done through the use of the app that they see on their end. WIX chooses how this looks according to the website and the theme that you choose to use for it.

With a WIX online booking system, you may find that it is extremely easy to use. However, it is also important to note that when comparing all that is out there, you need to use an add-on program that is going to serve you and the extras you want to do.

WIX has a comprehensive website building platform where you can add many things to it. Due to this, it is also the best place to go when it comes to finding the WIX vacation rental and WIX hotel booking system that is going to work with you and provide your guests with a way to book their stay with you. For those that are in need of a Booking system, you can be sure that you’re getting the right system that is going to help you cover all of the bases that need to be covered.