Vacation Rental Guide / How to Choose Website Builder Software / Do You Need A Property Management Website Builder?

Your vacation rental may benefit from a website builder software. This type of software will give your website a professional look as well as aid you in advertise your homes.

Property Management Website Builder

You can find a high-quality property management website builder on the cloud or as dedicated software. Many web hosting services provide this type of software for the vacation rentals, hotels, inns, or bed and breakfasts you manage. Some of the features of a good software system are:

  • Management of income
  • Record of tenants or guests
  • Accounting elements such as QuickBooks
  • Online booking and reservations
  • Website integration
  • Control of billing times
  • Reminders

With comprehensive software, you can create a website capable of managing each of your properties, keeping everything separate and organized. The style can also be personalized to your needs.

Management of Income

For any vacation rental property manager, it is crucial to keep track of the income from each property. While this is usually part of the general accounting software for your business, the software you use for management is often the first interaction you have with online payments.

One valuable feature of this type of program is that it helps visualize which properties are renting out consistently, and which are generating little interest. This can be an indication that you need to increase marketing efforts for that particular estate.

Record of Guests

A comprehensive record of guests in your properties is crucial to building a strong customer base and getting returning reservations. One of the most important property management tools is the one allowing you to collect sufficient data from guests to provide you with demographics, frequency of visits, and contact detail. This kind of information helps you build your business and generate more bookings.

Accounting Elements

Most bed and breakfast or hotel owners/operators have separate accounting programs for their business. However, your management website can, and should, interface with your accounting software so that transfer of content is as flawless as possible.

Some of the top hospitality industry accounting software programs are:

  • Oracle (JD Edwards, NetSuite)
  • Sage (Live, 100, 300, Fixed Assets)
  • SAP (Business One, Anywhere)
  • Acumatica
  • FinancialForce

Online Booking and Reservations

When managing a rental estate, hotel, or any other vacation rental, online bookings and reservations are crucial.

A good management website will allow you to provide individual detail on each unit, including:

  • Availability
  • Rate
  • Number of guests allowed
  • Special occasion rates
  • Coupon codes
  • Seasonal rates
  • Amenities
  • Available discounts on specific days
  • Discounts (early booking, minimum number of days, etc)

This type of management takes the burden off of you so that you don’t forget a discount or double book an estate.

Website Integration

Website integration will enable multiple booking platforms to work together for each estate. This will allow you to set up each of your units and design a marketing campaign for those homes which are not doing well.

Your payments will also be integrated, so that you can receive payments from PayPal, credit cards and even eChecks without problems. A property management website builder will also allow you to take deposits from guests, guaranteeing their reservation and your security in case anything goes wrong.

Control of Billing Times

In the world of vacation rentals, managers often want to delay final billing until an inspection of the estate can be performed. Units that have kitchens often require a security deposit for this very reason. This deposit will be released only after the property owner registers approval of the condition of the unit upon departure.


In today’s busy world, it seems like most people need reminders for unscheduled events – and even some that are scheduled. Your management website can send reminders to you regarding seasonal discounts, bookings, and other elements of operating a business.

You can develop specific checklists for housekeeping, guests, employees, and maintenance. Contracts can be managed with your website, and email can be automated to remind guests about check-in and check-out procedures.

All of these tasks can be accomplished with a good property management website builder. If you are in the hotel or bed and breakfast industry, you definitely need this type of service.