Manage all your reservations
from one place

Stay on top of all your bookings and automate repetitive tasks
Just in a few clicks

One centralized calendar and inbox

Receive all reservations from your website, phone and your external listings in one centralized inbox and manage only one central calendar. Easily approve incoming bookings and create manual quotes for your guest with just one click.

Simplify your guest communication

  1. Guest Messaging
    Communicate with your guest directly from Lodgify using our built-in guest CRM. View all guest details and the entire booking correspondence from one place.
  2. Auto-responder
    Save hours every week with auto-responders. Personalized emails are sent automatically to your guest when triggered by certain events. Examples include booking confirmation, payment receipt, review request, arrival instructions x days prior to stay, etc.
  3. Email templates
    Save time by creating pre-formatted reply templates to common questions and reuse them with a single click. Insert guest & booking info dynamically via placeholders.