Lockbox for Vacation Rentals

Best Lockbox for Vacation Rentals

As a vacation rental business owner, it’s your responsibility to use only the best Lockbox for both the safety of your customers and the growth of your business. However, there are tons of fake and poorly made lockboxes out there, and choosing the wrong one can cost you a lot – from your business to your customers. Therefore, it is important to use the best and only the best lockbox for your vacation rental. 

It is all about choosing the one that is the most suitable for your business and can depend on many factors. For example, whether or not the check-ins and outs are going to be in-person or not. There are many ways that a vacation rental owner is able to automate this locking process and a big part of being able to do this is through choosing the right vacation rental lock. A good lock system can make all the difference to the smooth running of your vacation rental business.

But, not to worry. To make this job easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best lockboxes for vacation rentals to ensure your business is at the top of its game.

What Are Vacation Rental Locks For?

vacation rental lock

Vacation Rental Locks provide several benefits both to the user and property owner. However, the type of vacation rental lock you choose and the function it performs depends largely on the type of business you have and what suits you personally. 

For example, it could mean the difference between whether check-ins and outs are done manually at the front desk or automated. For a smaller vacation rental, this may not be much of a problem, but when dealing with bigger businesses, this task will prove very stressful.

In the end, it all comes down to choosing the best vacation rental lock that works best for you.

Types of Vacation Rental Locks

Lock Box – The lockbox has grown to be one of the most popular choices for property owners wishing to try out vacation rental locks. They provide a safe way to ensure that customers renting can leave and come as they please without the interference of the owner. 

A lockbox is a small container – usually in the shape of a padlock – that holds the users’ keys inside. They are usually coded with only the user and the rental owner knowing the code. Guests can easily lock their room, place keys in their lockbox, and drop it out of sight. It is both easy and effective, and it allows the rental owner to change the code easily when new renters come. Perhaps the best advantage is the fact that it is inexpensive, thus available to small rental owners.

Smart Locks – The world is advancing technologically, and so should vacation rentals. Smart locks are recently becoming a big hit in the world of vacation rentals. Say no to codes and keys, all the customer needs to do is connect their phone signal to the lock and it will open! Other smart locks require users to say the pin, and judges based on the voice of the user. Some only require the users’ fingerprint!

All in all, the smart lock provides a sure-fire way to keep unwanted personnel out of restricted areas. 

smart lock

Keyless EntryKeyless entry is a great time saver and saves customers from the stress of keys. It also serves as a great way to prevent losing keys or duplication of keys by rental customers. This is an easier process that only allows authorized personnel to enter the home. 

The stress of sending keys to guests before they arrive and other complications that arise from the use of keys is also eliminated. As you can see, keyless entry is a great risk reducer that is both time-saving and extremely efficient.

Keypad LocksKeypad locks are another great alternative to the normal keyed lock. The customer is told the code by the rental owner and uses this to enter their home easily and without stress. Furthermore, with a keypad lock, the door locks automatically each time you leave, – so no need to stress with keys when you’re late for something or just plain tired. 

These locks can also be automated to lock and unlock on schedule, making it more efficient and time-saving for both the customer and rental owner.

The Best Lockbox for Vacation Rentals

Now that you know the various types of vacation rental locks that exist, it’s time to get down to business. There are a large number of Lockboxes for vacation Rentals out on the internet. To help you narrow it down to only the best and most efficient, here are the top 5 best lock boxes for vacation rentals.

1. Kidde AccessPoint Push Button Lockbox

Kiddie AccessPoint Push Button Lockbox

The Kidde AccessPoint Push Button Lockbox is great for a large number of reasons. If you need a lockbox that lasts – even through serious beatings – then this is the option for you. Its construction is extremely solid and it is highly durable. It is easy for guests to use and makes it harder for thieves or unwanted personnel to break in.

Also, the user can enter any length of digits for the pin code. So, the code could be as long as 20 digits or as short as just three. While it might be a bit pricier than most other lockboxes, it is worth every single penny you pay.

2. WordLock Lockbox

WordLock Lockbox

As the name suggests, the WordLock Lockbox operates with letters instead of numbers. As numbers and pins are easily forgotten, this is a great option for busy rental owners with a lot on their minds. This lockbox comes with a 4-letter keyword combination. Also, it doesn’t require a wall mount, making it more portable, and it comes with a brilliant weatherproof design.

As for price-wise, in comparison with most other lockboxes, the WordLock is practically inexpensive.

However, word combinations are a lot harder to come up with, and WordLock lockboxes are potentially easier to hack. Nevertheless, if you’re living in someplace relatively safe, or just need a stress-free option for your customers, then this is the lockbox for you.

3. Master Lock 5400D

Master Lock 5400D

This is the highest-rated lockbox on Amazon and for good reason. Its size is usually at 9.2 x 5.2 x 1.9 inches, and unlike most lockboxes, it can hold more than five keys at a time. It is a wheel model key storage lockbox, which means it comes with four small wheels with numbers on them, that allows you to set your code easily.

It has a wide metal body to ensure durability. Its large internal cavity helps to prevent jamming in the lockbox, even when it’s holding multiple keys. It also comes with a shutter door that helps protect combination dials from bad weather, grime, or dirt. The vinyl-coated designs prevent it from getting scratch marks and having rough surfaces. Set your 4-digit combination with ease.

Overall, this is one of the best lockboxes the internet has to offer, and you should check it out.

4. Kingsley Guard-A-Key Lockbox

Kingsley Guard-A-Key Lockbox

This is one of the cheapest lockboxes you will find online. But, don’t be deceived by the price, the Kingsley Guard-A-Key Lockbox is as effective as any other lockbox. It can fit up to 5 keys at a time! Also, it doesn’t have to be mounted on the wall, and users can rest the code any time they want (granted they know the former lock password). Furthermore, users have access to over 10,000 possible password combinations.

This is a great choice for smaller vacation rental owners on a budget. For rental owners looking to try out automated check-ins for the first time, this can be a great way to start.

5. YDO Key Storage Lockbox

YDO Key Storage Lockbox

The YDO Key Storage Lockbox is one of the simplest and cheapest lockboxes online. Like the Kingsley Guard-A-Key lockbox, the code combination is easily resettable. This helps to prevent past tenants from coming and reusing their rooms without pay. The lockbox contains plenty of space inside to hold multiple keys at once.

Additionally, it comes with a wall mounting kit comprised of 4 screws and 4 nylon expanding wall anchors. Users are also given manual and detailed instructions for them to know how to set it up.

To be honest, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. The YDO Key Storage Lockbox may be cheap but it is high value. If you’re a vacation rental owner on a budget, and you need something that works well and efficiently, this is worth more than a second look.


You want to choose the lock system that works for you. Each type has its pros and cons, but when you weigh them up, you will find the option that suits your business best. The various vacation rental lockboxes listed above will help to secure your property and make sure that customers get the safest experience possible. Not only will this reduce the risk of crime for your business, but it improves the customer’s outlook on your vacation rental. The better the reviews, the more customers you have – which is always good for business.

It’s important to choose what works for you and what you feel is the safest way to provide a guest entry into the vacation rental property, without having them fumble with keys.

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