About Lodgify

Lodgify is an innovative all-in-one solution that simplifies vacation rental marketing. It allows both owners and property managers to create their own mobile-friendly website with a “Book Now” button, manage reservations and calendars efficiently, and instantly synchronize property information with listings on external portals.


Customers come first

We exist because of our customers. Providing the best experience to them is key, all else will follow.

One mission-driven team

We’re a team of ambitious professionals united to further advance in our mission. We know that we will only succeed if we work together as one single team. We’re in it for the long run and we’re in it to win it.

We empower

We empower our customers and each other to become independent. We do this by democratizing access to technology, knowledge, and data.

Focus on impact

While we want to do everything, we can't do it all at once. We focus on what really matters to have the most impact. We carefully consider both the short-term and long-term impacts of our choices.

Seek productive debate

We know that we don’t know. We carefully listen, rationally debate with each other and analyze real data. We ignore hierarchies and our egos in our quest to find the truth. The truth always wins.

Act fast & iterate

We take ownership and get things done. Doing is better than not doing. Along the way we will make mistakes: We fail, we learn, we succeed.

Be real & respectful

We’re real and authentic people. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We believe trust is earned, and we work to gain it every day by being transparent, respecting each other, and doing the right thing

This is an adventure

We genuinely believe in Lodgify’s mission and its “noble” purpose and see our work to advance in it as an exciting and bold undertaking. Along with it comes enjoyment, personal growth, the building of meaningful relationships and an experience worth living/remembering.

Meet the Lodgify Team

Every member of our talented team has an important role to play in the success of our mission. Get to know them below!
Adriana T.
Product Training Specialist
Alexandre B.
Head of Customer Success
Andrea G.
Senior Manager, Account Management
Alexandre H.
VP of Product
Aurora B.
Associate Product Manager
Alex V.
Carla C.
Head of Marketing
Andrea M.
Senior Frontend Developer
Carlota L.
Payments Collection Team Lead
Bart K.
Frontend Developer
Greta D.
Connectivity Team Lead
Daniel R.
Senior Backend Developer
Lorna R.
Head of HR
Dmitry M.
Full Stack Developer
Nada A.
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Dmytro Z.
DevOps Tech Lead
Gabriele D.
Head of Product Operations
Stefanie S.
Customer Success Operations Manager
Augustus F.
Manual QA Tester
Isaac M.
Backend Tech Lead
Sara Man.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
John G.
VP of Sales
Barbara S.
Connectivity Support Specialist
Jordi M.
Senior Web Developer
Nouzha T.
Cleaning Expert
Juan L.
Senior Web Developer
Hanin Z.
Project Coordinator
Kyriacos G.
Infrastructure Manager
Logan P.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Manoach M.
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Marcin M.
Web Developer
Marco D.
Co-founder & CTO
Matías R.
Lead Designer
Nicolas R.
QA Manager
Giuseppe A.
Senior Backend Developer
Andrii K.
Frontend Developer
Helena Savtsenko
Training Specialist
Oscar A.
Frontend Developer
Martin G.
Frontend Developer
David R.
Carolina F.
Manual QA tester
Dennis K.
CEO & Co- Founder
Osmel M.
Senior Frontend Developer
Marco A.
Connectivity Support Specialist
Mariana B.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Fabien R.
Product Designer
George P.
Customer Onboarding Specialist level II
Cristina M.
Support Team Lead
Oleksandr M.
VP of Engeneering
Manuel E.
Manager Account Management SOP
Sara T.
Sales Manager
Alberto F.
SEO & Content Lead
Diana H.
Performance Marketing Specialist
Miha O.
Customer Onboarding Specialist Level II
Anibal S.
Platform Engineering Manager
Maria M.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Ysabella M.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Sara Man.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Tommaso S.
Connectivity Support Specialist
Roman K.
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Rebecca H.
Sales Manager
Jelena M.
Talent Sourcer Intern
Alvar D.
Instructional Designer
Daiana R.
Senior Payment Collections Specialist
Luis Manuel G.
Flutter Developer
Alex G.
Paula D.
Finance Manager
Ornella Guarnieri
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Pablo G.
UX Designer
Cristina C.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
André R.
Marketing Intern
Axel C.
Sales Specialist
Máté C.
CRM Specialist
Juan B.
IT Suport Engineer
Vinicíus D.
CRM Team Lead
Aleksandra C.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Daniel M.
Flutter Developer