About Lodgify

Lodgify is an innovative all-in-one solution that simplifies vacation rental marketing. It allows both owners and property managers to create their own mobile-friendly website with a “Book Now” button, manage reservations and calendars efficiently, and instantly synchronize property information with listings on external portals.


Focus on the user:

We exist because of our users. Listening to them is key, all else will follow.

Embrace technology:

Technology is in our DNA. We build it, use it and love it.

Build beautiful tools:

We are proud of what we are building and want people to enjoy using Lodgify.


We work very hard to make complex things simple.

Keep it real:

Be honest, be kind and earn your trust. Be awesome but remain down to earth.

Empower people:

We help people to become more independent. We do this by equipping them with technology and sharing our knowledge.

Think long-term:

We are here to create something great. The best way to achieve this is to think long-term and work hard to build things the right way.

Enjoy what you do:

Life is too short to not enjoy it. We enjoy building Lodgify and want to create a fun environment with it.

Be an entrepreneur:

We get things done and have a can-do mentality. We take ownership and find solutions independently.

Meet the Lodgify Family

Every member of our talented team has an important role to play in the success of our mission. Get to know them below!

Aaron F.
Senior Backend Developer
Alex B.
Head of Customer Success
Alex V.
Andrea G.
Account Manager
Anil Ö.
Business Intelligence Manager
Anna W.
Customer Success Representative
Armando G.
Senior Full Stack Developer
Aurora B.
Senior Connectivity Support Agent
Boris L.
VP of Engineering
Carla C.
Inbound Marketing Manager
Carlota L.
Office Coordinator
Cristina M.
Senior Support Agent
Daniel R.
Senior Backend Developer
Dennis K.
CEO & Product Manager
Dmitry M.
Full Stack Developer
Elena Y.
Sales Specialist
Francesca M.
Talent Acquisition Manager
Gabriele D. G.
Product Manager
Giovanna A.
Account Manager
Greta D.
Customer Success Representative
Gus F.
Connectivity Support Specialist
Isaac M.
Web Developer
Javier V.
Sales Specialist
Jess A.
Content Marketer & Copywriter
John G.
Head of Sales
Jonny G.
Junior Frontend Developer
Jordi M.
Senior Web Developer
Juan L.
Senior Web Developer
Juan Diego M.
Senior Frontend Developer
Julio M.
Product Owner
Karel D.
Sales Specialist
Kyriacos G.
Lali G.
Head of Finance & HR
Lena S.
Knowledge Base Analyst
Lisa H.
Content Marketing Intern
Lorna R.
Recruitment & HR Generalist
Luisa S.
Account Manager
Marcin M.
Web Developer
Marc D.
Senior Frontend Developer
Marco D. G.
Matías R.
Lead Designer
Matteo P.
Inbound Marketing Executive
Nicolas R.
Web Manual QA Tester
Neville G.
Frontend Developer
Nouzha T.
Cleaning Expert
Osmel M.
Senior Frontend Developer
Pedro B.
Product Owner
Petra Blahova
Paid Performance Manager
Pol R.
Frontend Developer
Rok V.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Ruben I.
Tech Lead Frontend Developer
Simone V.
Customer Onboarding Specialist
Stefanie S.
Customer Support Manager
Stephanie N.
Sales Specialist
Walter L.
Lead QA Engineer